Thursday, September 4, 2008

On the way home from school today…

H: “MW, can I see your green leaf?”
MW: “Oh, sure.”

A few minutes later…

MW: “Just hold your nose and blow like this, ‘ffffffshhhhhh.’”
H: “I did, it won’t come out.”
MW: “Just blow.”
H: “ffffffshhhhhh.”
Me: “H, is something in your nose?”
H: “Yes. That leaf.”
Me: “You put it in your NOSE???”
H: “I’m sorry. It just happened.”
Me, thinking to myself: "How the heck does something like that 'just happen?'"

When we pulled into his driveway I had him look way up. By pressing up and to the right on the center of his nose, I was able to catch a slight glimpse of the green foam leaf he’d put up his nose…how he got it that far up, I’ll never know…there was no way I could even attempt getting it with tweezers…so I walked him to the door.

The worst part is, I couldn’t even tell his mom about it without laughing.

I’ll probably get fired from carpool…

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