Saturday, September 6, 2008


That’s a positive…we’ve got croup…or at least T3 does. (And now he gets that entire tub of raisins! Thanks to sister who was so helpful and gave them to him while my back was turned!) Hopefully the rest of us, mostly MW, will be spared! T and I got to take him to the doctor together…which is rare. MW was in school and yesterday was T’s only off day until next week, so we had a doctor’s office date of sorts. I sat in the waiting room, thankfully no kids were there puking into the proverbial kitchen bowl…while T and T3 watched construction that was going on across the street. Supposedly the bull dozer honked at T3! Exciting for a little fella! So we’ll be spending the next day or so at home, laying low…oh well.

Thursday was “Silly Sock Day” for MW. We made some very silly socks. MW instructed me on where to glue each item. Thankfully we finished at 8:19 am, exactly one minute before we were to be outside waiting for Mrs. P! When Mrs. P saw MW’s socks, she told me Silly Sock Day means you just wear mismatched socks or one sock up and the other rolled down…it doesn’t mean you go crazy making silly socks…oh well…MW said hers were definitely the silliest!

Thursday night we took MW to hear a Christian band play. It was very interesting. Aside from the fact that we were the only adults there NOT with a youth group or chaperoning…oh wait, we did see one other guy who came just to come… anyway, it was a lot of fun. As we walked in we saw a young girl, not more than 15 or 16, pushing a baby in a stroller. She was obviously there with friends and was determined to have fun…even with a baby. T, MW, and I took our seats in the rear of the room and watched as she came strolling in with that baby. I’d peeked into the stroller when we passed her earlier and she’d had the baby tucked under blankets, swaddled…so I’m watching her as she comes cruising in…and runs smack into someone with the stroller. People were bumping into her and that stroller. She was chasing people around the room with it. My heart was in my throat. The band came out and got going and it was SO LOUD! That poor baby. I couldn’t focus on the music for the weight in my heart over that little one – would he even survive this? Would he be thrown from the stroller? Would someone step on him or fall on top of him?

Later in the evening T took MW out for a few minutes and when they returned he informed me he’d seen the girl changing the baby’s diaper out in the lobby…and it wasn’t a real baby! It’s one of those high school projects…those babies that need your constant attention…ahhhh….thank goodness!

So we did have fun at the concert. I got my first taste of being the un-cool mom. MW wanted to be near us, close enough to see us, but far enough away to establish a little independence. She sat on the floor a few rows ahead of us. Yikes…I thought we were a few years away from that. I think she made that initial move to the floor because there was another mama there with her little girl. MW got as close as she could without overstepping those invisible boundaries. It was a late night and a fun night!

This morning I got up and found the most pleasant thing awaiting me! An empty dishwasher and a pot of coffee! Does it get sweeter than that? Thanks babe!

And later in the morning MW came down in her “weddin’ dress” and glass slippers. T3 took his first chance at removing her glass slippers, and then put them on himself and marched around the house in them. Not to worry, he’s ALL BOY! But this will make a great picture for his rehearsal dinner…


  1. Hey Jenn! Sorry about the croup... we seem to get it ALL the time! It's the worst! Did you bring T3 back downstairs?? I love the empty dishwasher... why is "UNLOADING" so much more annoying than loading!? I bet that and the coffee were quite a treat!! Hope little man is better soon!!

  2. Darby, Per the husband's request, I'm to let you know that the coffee part is a regular in, yes, my man leaves me with a fresh pot every morning! :) Talk about sweet! And no, we haven't moved little man back down. He's up there to least if MW has anything to do with it!