Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Bullet Update...

Things that have happened in the last week or so:

• MW and T3 enjoyed watching the rain POUR down!

• T took me out to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our very first date! It was pouring down rain and we had a great time! (That's me on the porch listening to T3 scream... debating on whether to leave him or go back in to settle him... I left him.) We'd planned to go to dinner and then play putt putt... However, since it was raining, we decided to go bowling, but since I've got that pulled muscle in my back, we decided bowling wasn't such a great idea... so then we decided to go to a movie, but there wasn't anything we really wanted to see. So you know what we wound up doing? Eating a fabulous dinner and then shopping for a wedding gift, and then enjoying a cup of coffee while we talked and poured over books at a bookstore!

(He always closes his eyes when I take his picture.... here he is OVER compensating! Hee hee!)

About that first date ten years ago... it was the night before classes started our senior year and I was only allowed to go if I had finished my English papers and summer reading. I lied. I went. (And stayed up half the night by closet light, finishing what I promised my parents I’d already finished…) We ate at a fun little sports grill type restaurant. I had the chicken ceasar salad. Then we returned to T’s house to watch a movie. I remember sitting down on the sofa while he excused himself. As soon as he left the room I looked everywhere, trying to figure out what we were going to watch. T is a Star Wars fanatic. That’s all I saw in the movie realm…so I resigned myself to watching Star Wars (and honestly, that would’ve been fine with me. I was just oh so happy to be asked on a date by THE GREATEST AND HOTTEST guy on the face of the universe {I’d been stalking him for a few years at that point…you know, timing my steps so I could accidentally wind up walking right beside him…hanging out near his locker…staying in band…’cause I had a clear view of him from the clarinet section (literally, I did the very least that was required of me musically to keep from being kicked out. I have no idea how to play the clarinet today…and I remember very little about reading music, etc.) I used to park my car facing the baseball field so I could catch a glimpse of him running stadiums and practicing with the baseball team…I was obsessed. And still am!}) So anyway, he came back into the room, sat down beside me, and hit play….it was Little Women! My favorite!!!

• My Mom and Aunt San came for a visit! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve gotten to see Aunt San and it was great to have her here! MW captured her and made Aunt San her “very own grown up.” Aunt San was very kind to MW and spent hours, yes, hours, on the floor of MW’s room playing Barbie and Molly and babies and reading books and playing tea party…MW ATE it up! Both Mom and Aunt San allowed MW to “doctor” their feet. You gotta get the picture…here they are, feet propped up on the coffee table, which was covered with an old towel…MW has her caboodle open with makeup stuff spilling out…along with several cotton balls and q-tips and a few washcloths…those girls wound up with all manner of “product” on their feet…foundation, blush, eye shadow, even markers and nail polish…(my sister K and I used to do that to our grandmother…only we’d mix lotion and eye shadow on her knees…gross, I know!)

• Mom caught me up on all my mending and did some ironing AND cleaned out the under growth in the little stretch of “woods” between us and our neighbor whose favorite tree is the dreaded Mimosa! - THANKS Mom!

• My college roommate and her husband and their little boy came for a visit…they were part of the mandatory evacuation for Gustav. We were so happy to see them, though we wished it’d been under different circumstances. Their little boy is PRECIOUS! T3 was a bit jarring and in A’s face, and MW was mothering him constantly…she even got to feed him his bottle! Oh she ate that up! They just headed back home yesterday and we’re hoping they found everything as they left it.

• T, my roommate, and I spent hours out in the garage making the coolest binders for my Bible study girls…I want to market them…the binders, that is.

• We came home last night to quite a stink! We could smell it in the den…sniff sniff…up the stairs…sniff sniff…through the playroom…sniff sniff…ugh!!! Scout got sick all over the carpet in MW’s room…requiring we finish off the gallon of white vinegar I had, as well as the rest of the bottle of oxyclean, and several rags…all of which were tossed in the garbage and carried outside immediately! Then we sanitized with half a can of Lysol…and then some antimicrobial febreeze…I must say the carpet in her new room looks much better and the upstairs actually smells good…perhaps we should’ve cleaned the carpet sooner? Welcome home, huh?

• I’ve spent hours ironing…and I’m still not caught up…

• T3 sounds like he’s getting sick…I can’t tell if it’s the teeth he appears to be cutting, or for real sick…time will tell.

• T has cut 80 bricks for the edges of the sidewalk…he’s half-way there…only 80 more and then the inside brick cutting will begin! He is quite amazing! I can’t wait to photograph what he’s doing. He’s a stinkin’ genius! Way to go, baby!

• And lastly, I’ve been doing a good bit of couponing recently…and I’m loving it! It’s like a little game…how much can I save? So I bought three Sunday papers from a drugstore…got them home…and there wasn’t a SINGLE COUPON in them! So T ran to the grocery store and bought another paper, thinking perhaps the stack I’d grabbed from had been overlooked for coupon placement…the paper he bought was coupon-less as well! I checked the P&G website and read that their coupon book was to go out in Sunday’s paper…what was the deal? So I called our newspaper and yes, the P&G and a few other coupon books all went out in Sunday’s paper, but those companies don’t send enough coupon books (as in, they’re about 40,000 short) to go in every paper…and our newspaper office cannot guarantee which zones will receive the coupons, etc. So it’s a shot in the dark! The lady I spoke with also said that someone in a county beside mine might get something totally different than what I’d get! How infuriating! Ugh!!! I’m a little miffed…four bucks on Sunday papers…for NOTHING! I’m going through them from now on! As in, in the store, I’m going to sort through them to see if the coupons are there. I won’t fall prey to that again!

• MW cried when I picked her up from school on Friday, because it was “the last day of school.” She’s so cute!

• ahh…that’s a good summary of the events in our household…happy day to you!


  1. I love the story of your first date ... 10 years, wow!

  2. Oh, I love the rain picture! HOw sweet!