Sunday, November 23, 2008

Princess Pretty Flower

It’s been a while…this baby is kickin’ my rear…and thus the blog has suffered…

We had a doctor’s appointment Thursday morning and saw baby on the ultrasound! Baby looked GREAT! The tech commented on how much baby had grown in two weeks! Hooray! We got to hear baby’s heartbeat and it was amazing, then the tech zoomed in so we could actually see it beating. I am determined to be surprised this time – we were totally surprised with MW, but with T3 at the 20 week ultrasound we told the tech we didn’t want to know. As she was scrolling around on my belly she said, “Well, this baby is sure doing a great job of hiding what’s there – or not there.” I was like, “thanks! Now I KNOW it’s a boy.” Of course, I didn’t say that aloud, but in my gut, I knew.

Follow that with a nurse who was checking baby’s heartbeat at a routine visit piping up and saying to MW, “This is your baby brother’s heart beat.” I spoke up and said, “or sister! We’re being surprised and don’t want to know.” I did call the office back after that appointment to find out if baby’s sex was recorded anywhere in my chart. They assured me it was not so that no one would accidentally tell. They also assured me the nurse probably refers to all babies as “he.” Whatever.

At a later visit, the last one prior to his birth, the SAME nurse saw us and before she checked for the heartbeat, I said, “now, I understand you refer to all babies as boys. Is that right?” She assured me it was. “Ok, I was just checking because we don’t want to know what we are having and we want to be surprised.” So she proceeds to pick up the heartbeat and says, “based on that heartbeat, I would definitely say this is a boy.” THANKS WOMAN! DIDN’T YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID???

So, at this ultrasound visit I told the tech that we didn’t even want to know what the heart rate was…just tell us if it’s healthy. She assured us it was good, strong, and healthy!

The visit went well. Due date remains July 4th. Yesterday I was officially 8 weeks. I am thanking God for Zofran…which Dr. G is letting me take. I had some left over from being preg with T3 and am finishing it off. However, I am rationing it. I only have 8 left… If I only take half a tablet, that's 16 days with 8 hours of semi relief from I am ONLY going to take one when I absolutely have to!

(They're all supposed to be praying!)

This pic is significant to me because MW adores this little guy. We carpool with him (he's the kid that put the green foam leaf up his nose...). I am TOTALLY not suggesting ANYTHING...but how funny that T and I have pics from when we were in kindergarten sitting beside one another and here we are, 23 years later married with a third on the I had to snap a pic of them side by side. Not that I am suggesting anything like that would ever happen. But just so ya know.

MW’s Thanksgiving Program began with all the Indians and Pilgrims filling the stage…the parents were crammed in, sitting on the floor, kneeling, standing, etc. I watched as MW paraded in as a little Pilgrim. She plopped down in the center of the front row. After a precious time of singing and a little prayer, the children went to their tables to enjoy their Thanksgiving Feast…soup, corn bread, apple juice, and a little turkey filled with candy corn and raisins and pretzels…it was all very cute!

MW and I had a little spend the night party Friday night…just me and her…a friend had told me about watching TV shows on We don’t pick up local stations, nor do we have cable…we just use our tv for watching movies, so I thought maybe MW and I could watch an episode of Dancing With the Stars…we both love dance…what better “girl” night? Right? Wrong…I decided to preview an episode to make sure it would work…MW came over to watch…and piped up and said, “Mom, Why is she necked??? When you go to a ball, you don’t go necked! She has like, nothin’ on!” Needless to say, we watched Bambi instead…

MW had TWO double parties yesterday…it was a BIG day…first a major dress up party where she came home looking like she could star in something akin to Hannah Montanna…blue eye shadow, hair looped up and back and twisted – very funky…and then a 50’s themed party where she got to ride in an old classic car and play outside in the rather chilly air…she was running fever by early last night. She tends to do that when she gets super tired…so to bed with Tylenol…she woke this morning feeling alright.

This is "the outfit" she picked to wear to the first double party! Now, upon receiving the invitation, she laid out a black velvet dress with gold polka dots, red glitter shoes, a necklace she'd made, and a few other jewelry items. I reminded her she would get to dress up at the party and there was no need to go all out ahead of time, but she insisted. So...Saturday morning I sent her upstairs to get dressed. This is what she came down wearing. Wow. I had to swallow my pride...and she sure was proud and confident! (By the way, the blue "top" is actually a sleeveless cover up!) Oh, and those were ballet shoe socks under her crocs.

Otherwise life is rocking along…T has been logging some major overtime. We don’t get to see him often. He gave me a precious gift this afternoon…he helped me totally pick up the house and fold two loads of laundry and put away four loads! I am a stickler for picking everything up before I head to bed…I like the sink empty, stuff put away, mail sorted and answered, clothes picked up, etc. I also like to run one load of wash a day…but baby has taken away all excess energy. I’m in “do only what I have to mode” and thus, the house has slid. It is wonderful to have her back…sparking clean and orderly! The last load of clothing is in the washer and the dishwasher is on the dry cycle. Hooray! Ahhh….Thank you SO MUCH babe! You have NO IDEA how much that means to me!

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  1. Glad baby is growing well. I loved seeing MW's special friend. I miss him too!