Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This afternoon T3 and MW lined up at the window in the breakfast room to cheer T as he made his way around the back of the house with the trash can. He acknowledged them and then made his way to the back door. Both children took off running shouting, "DADDY!" And then...SMACK...T3 nailed his head on the corner of a table...and the tears fell. 

MW had another frustrating afternoon. She came in the kitchen, pulled her folder from her bag, and...NOTHIN'. Not a single paper or art project. "Oh MAN!" she exclaimed! That's two days in a row with an empty folder...they must be cookin' up a big project to bring home at their Thanksgiving Feast.

A BIG SCORE with little man! Tonight we went through the house picking up before bed time...I told T3 to pick up his socks from the kitchen floor and put them in the laundry room...little man picked them up and then hauled rear to the laundry room, where he tried to put them in the drier, but couldn't get the door open, so he resorted to putting them in the washing machine! SCORE!!! Oh YEAH!!! Did my life just get slightly less complicated? I think so. Then, MW did a thorough job brushing her teeth! SCORE AGAIN! Maybe your four year old already does a thorough job brushing, but tonight was the first time I didn't feel the need to go behind her and scrub away the sugar bugs. 

Not much else to report...I HAVE to go to the grocery store tomorrow. I've put it off as long as I can. I've also GOT to do some cooking tomorrow...I'm wondering if I did my cooking with a mask on if I would be able to avoid gagging...we have a pretty decent mask, at least we had one. I'll have to see if I can put my hands on it. T went out and bought it one summer evening before MW was born...we got home from work and there was a TERRIBLE odor in the kitchen. We decided something must be dead in the crawl space. It was a horrific smell. So...T went to Lowes and purchased a heavy duty mask and some heavy duty trash bags and like the warrior husband he is, crawled under the house to drag out the decomposing thing...right about the time he got under the kitchen I noticed a clear liquid running down a cabinet...I approached it cautiously...wondering...my eyes traced the origin of this mysterious liquid only to discover that the watermelon I'd purchased several days earlier (ok, like over a week earlier) had rotted. That smell we were smelling...of the dead animal we just knew was under the house...was actually a rotten watermelon sitting in a big wooden fruit bowl on the counter, its rancid juices had seeped through the wooden bowl, run across the counter, down the cabinet, and puddled on the floor. 

T was more than gracious as I shouted through the vent that I'd located the perpetrator...so maybe we still have that heavy duty mask...


  1. Cute pics! I need some lessons..what's your favorite manual settings? And do you edit them in anything?

    I hate you didn't make it to the seminar...I had an email that I was writing back to you after it, and it got deleted....poof! It was kinda long...oh well. I went up to the church to try and say hello, but it had already started!

    I think you're doing great...keep it up!

  2. Hey friend!

    It's been forever, but I am really enjoying getting a peak into your days through your blog! Your sweet kids are adorable and I wish we could get our kids together some day! Oh this is Sarah (used to be shults) :) , anyway just thought I would say HI and I am praying for you and baby! Oh by the way, we have number three on the way too, due date is April 17th!

  3. Sarah,
    Yea! It has been forever. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! Do you know what you're having?

    Thanks for the compliments on the kiddos. We're having a lot of fun! Crazy fun, but you know how that is! :)

    I would love to get together sometime...maybe we can work something out sometime...

    Hope you guys are doing well. Thank your sweet husband for how wonderful he's been to help my mom with her yard! I can't tell you how much we appreciate that!