Monday, November 24, 2008

99 Babies…and some "Sassy Spray!"

Random pics of little ones on/near the elliptical machine...
MW's new favorite thing to do! What FUN!!! (In case you are worried, we have now made a getting on it if little man is in the room...)

That’s how many I’m having mom. I’m going to get stuck by a needle a lot of times. I’m havin’ them all today. That is a bunch. Actually, I’m havin’ 99 - 11 babies. Yep. That is a bunch.


Changing the subject…on the discipline front we are struggling. T3 has developed quite a whine. Oh he frustrates me, but then I think, “well, what do I expect? He is a sinner without the Holy Spirit living in his heart. Of course he’s going to whine and complain and fall apart when he doesn’t get his way.” (ok, I have the Holy Spirit and I still whine and complain…) I have wondered how others would respond if I fell apart, collapsing on the floor and balling my eyes out when I didn’t get my way…screaming at the top of my lungs with hot tears streaming down my face just because someone told me “no.” Can you imagine!?

So…when MW began whining and complaining we adopted something called “sassy spray.” The idea was to keep a small squirt bottle of mouth spray on hand to spray in her mouth to clean out the sass, whine, or complaining…only MW LOVES strong mint flavors…so we thought vinegar would be a fabulous substitute! Only…she LOVES vinegar, claiming it tastes like salad dressing. We’ve had to resort to the old fashioned method…good ol’ soap and water.

So with T3, we wondered if vinegar would do the trick. He’s not talking very well at this point, but the whine is about more than I can handle. After thorough discussing, we decided that after telling him to stop whining and/or to ask like a “big boy,” if the whine continued, we would address it with a little sprits of vinegar…surely that would do the trick….WRONG! The boy LOVED it! T sprayed his mouth three or four times this afternoon and each time he would mush his tongue around in his mouth, his little eyes would water a little bit, and he would break out in a BIG grin and cry out, “MO, Mo, mo!!!!” What is up with that??? (At least the vinegar distracted him from whining...)

Any thoughts on how to work towards minimizing the whine??? (Thus far, we've tried ignoring him, isolating him, now vinegar...)


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  2. no ideas of my own, but i am inspired to try some of yours in the future

  3. yes, I'd like some suggestions too! Lillian doesn't talk at all like the others did. She used to screaming to get what she wants...whether it me or the older 2 giving it to her. Needless to say, the whining is getting on my nerves too.

    I wonder if you could make the vinegar stronger? I may have to make a "sassy spray"....for ALL the kids!

  4. Um yes, stronger vinegar would be a fabulous idea...except that we are already using STRAIGHT white vinegar! :)

  5. Hot sauce, a little.
    Lemon juice, probably would like it.
    Balsamic Vinegar.?
    We use Listerine, you probably knew that.
    You can get the dissolving strips that stay in their mouths. It is very portable.
    You are not alone. This is a stage. It will not last-I PROMISE. Yet, is does need discipline. Boys can be harder to bend, so don't get discouraged. You are doing a great job. Hang in there.

  6. I have used Binaca on both my children and it has done wonders. The great thing is that it is always accessible and extremely effective if they don't like strong flavors. One child is getting used to it so now I have to get creative again.