Tuesday, October 28, 2008


(pics below sort of go with the previous post.)

A dear friend took MW to pick sunflowers!

MW and T3 take advantage of my turned back...

• my children spent a good forty-five minutes chasing each other around the house on the plasma car
• I presented a graphic design project for a small group of women…they liked it! I bit my tongue (literally) and didn’t volunteer to give away any more of my time beyond my original commitment (and it was tempting!) Yea! Perhaps I AM learning!
• T3 and I got double samples on cheese straws at Sams ‘cause “he’s soooo cute!”
• I also caused a ruckus at Sams…they were sold out of whole milk and so I inquired and was told it would be stocked in 15 minutes…so I waited…and waited…and waited…20 minutes later they were having trouble “keying in the milk” which they evidently have to do before a young mother can take two gallons…well, one of the guys behind the “do not cross” line saw me standing there waiting…he asked the guy keying it in “how much longer man? We got members waiting!” (hear that? I’m a “member”! Oh yea!) So he and the “key guy” get into a shouting match and the key guy throws up his arms and storms off, the guy on the fork lift jerks his neon green employee vest off and throws it down and storms off…and the guy fighting for my milk jumped on the forklift and drove the whole case of milk right over to my buggy and handed me my two gallons! Hallelujah for kicking the system…I only waited THIRTY-FIVE MINUTES for milk! (which, honestly, was far better than dragging TWO children back in after school…)
• I got all my laundry washed, dried, and put away…I’d skipped the “load a day” method for a few days…
• T3 wiggled one leg out from under his high chair tray and figured out how to straddle it…BOYS!!! I'm laughing as I type this. I hope we both survive!
• MW cried in the tub ‘cause water got on her forehead….my goodness!
• She also told me, after dinner, that she felt like she was "gonna throw up." Finally she admitted to "pretending." Too bad it took reminding her that she couldn't eat any candy corn while we read since she felt so sick to get her to admit she was pretending...(and I held firm.)
• T3 was a maniac…oh wait, that’s not exclusive to today.
• MW and I read to chapter 12 in Charlotte’s Web
• I got both kids to bed on time! Sweet!
• We broke out the flannel sheets
• Our house was 59 degrees inside this afternoon! We turned on the heat.*
• I filled up my car for $47…REAL SWEET!
• EVERY morning for the past few weeks MW has begged me to read to her from my Bible...I've been using her name as I read through Psalm 139...y'all, she is so excited that the Bible is about her! That God knew the days that were ordained for her! That He knit HER together! It's been so encouraging to me!

And the thing that made me laugh the hardest…

• T3 came running into the kitchen, froze in place, let one, uh-hum, RIP, looked back to see if something was there, and took off again!

*I have to add in a little story about 59 degree temperatures…ok, the first two winters we were married we lived in married student housing and since we were “livin’ on love” and “love” won’t pay the utility bills, we didn’t run the heat at all. The first winter we lived in our house, T FINALLY let me turn on the heat…but he insisted the thermostat remain on 58 degrees. (We were still pretty much “livin’ on love.”) I was pregnant with MW at the time. It was so cold. I mean, 58 degrees inside is really quite chilly. I read in one of my books on pregnancy that when an expecting mother is cold, the blood flow to the baby is restricted. On one particularly chilly evening, with the inside temperature hovering at 58, and me shaking with chills, I half argued half pleaded the blood flow point to T…who replied with, “then put on another jacket.”

I’m glad we don’t HAVE to keep the thermostat on 58 anymore…but I sure do look back fondly on our poor days…when we lived in a cinder block wall apartment, had no money…like, NO money, and each other. God sure has been good to us…from day one!


  1. Good job getting your milk, standing firm on your design boundaries, and completing all your laundry! Love the new layout.

  2. Ok.... so I went to Sams yesterday too. At 9 am and tried to get a rotissery {sp?} chicken and the man said it would be 30 mins... I don't have the patience you do because I left and went to Walmart! I'm of the opinion: if the doors are open the shelves should be stocked. :) Way to go on biting your tongue....

  3. I love the blue shirt with the sunflowers. So bright!!! I wish I knew where I could go pick sunflowers.....
    Your camera is outstanding. What are you using?
    T3 will keep you on your toes! Call me if you need reassurance that he's normal. B.O.Y.S! :)