Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two Lines, Four Times

"But I don't want to come inside!"

Friday MW had animal elections at school...she voted for the monkey 'cause 
monkey starts with "m," like her name! The monkey didn't win. 
We hope McCain, whose name also starts with "m," will win!

My boys in their hats.

Our family, as drawn by MW. T3 is on the left, practically in Scout's mouth. T is the second from the left. MW is in the center. I am to the right. The red thing hanging down is a chandelier. The dots to the left and right are snow. What about the blue lines?
"Oh, yea. That's the room," said MW.

I told you I'm in trouble! Check out what little man was doing... straddling his high chair tray! Mobility...what a beautiful thing!

And now for the title...

Uh-huh...two lines...four times. 

Once Friday night...but I just couldn't believe it!

Then Saturday morning...and T couldn't believe it!

Then Saturday afternoon...and neither of us could believe it!

Once more Sunday afternoon...just in case...



I know. 

I am still in shock.

I cannot believe this!

I am going to have two babies in diapers at the same time.


I'm still in shock. It just never happens like this for us. Never. Not 'til now.

5 weeks today!

Yea, it's early to be telling...we aren't good at keeping secrets. Not secrets like this.

Please pray for us, for this little one.  Between MW and T3 we had a miscarriage and a tubal pregnancy. I've been to the doctor three times in the last week for blood work - which they are doing because I'm at a higher risk of having another tubal - the blood work will help rule out that possibility. So far, the numbers look promising. I'd be lying if I said fear was a stranger these days. I don't want to live in fear. We are daily thanking God for the miracle He has given us! And we're hoping to welcome a July 4th baby into our family!

How I wish I had a digital video camera so you could've seen MW's reaction. She's only been praying for "God to put a baby in mommy's tummy" for about a year. She was thrilled! She hugged me so tight I thought I might pop! She has given my belly about a million kisses. Every night she tells baby "night night." She came home from school and insisted I close my eyes so she could show her drawing to baby first! She makes a point to talk to baby...and Friday afternoon when we dropped her off with my mother in law for a fun weekend, MW looked up at me and said, "now, that baby will still be in there when I get back?" As if to say - you aren't going to have that baby while I'm away? She's so fun!

We're on chapter 19 of Charlotte's Web...nearing the end!

I'm behind on my books. I've been a bit busy, what with this new baby growing in my tummy and all! :) So far the nausea hasn't moved in permanently. I am so thankful for that! Hoping and praying it won't! 

A few obvious signs I really am pregnant:
• I had to put the lid on a scented candle...made me feel queasy
• Got half way through my taco salad and thought another bite would make me sick
• Am finding myself easily annoyed over things my better half has or has not done...YIKES! Gotta get that one under control!

And a quick story...there is a little blonde headed boy who lives a few doors down. I think he likes MW. He rides his bike over here a good bit. A few weeks ago we were eating dinner on the back porch and I realized he was hiding behind our neighbor's pine tree, watching MW eat...hmmmm...

So a few days ago he invited her to carve a pumpkin with him...T3 and I headed over to check it out. T3 was barefoot. He indicated he wanted to ride their tricycle...I allowed him to...after several jaunts up and down the driveway I realized his feet were bleeding. He was using the tips of his big toes to stop...he wasn't crying. I reached down to lift him from the tricycle and he started screaming. So...I decided to let him stay...we were going to be there for a few more minutes...then I noticed, despite the blood, he was continuing to use those big toes to stop himself. I just couldn't take that, so I lifted him from the tricycle, at which time he completely fell apart...but not because of his toes, but because he had to stop riding. As I lifted his squirming, angry little body, blood ran off his toes onto the tricycle, it dripped on the driveway, it was everywhere...there was a lot of blood!

Yes, he does have feeling in his toes. MW tried to pick at them once we were home and he was in his high chair. Oh, he is aware of those sores...gross, huh? All boy, huh?? Yea, pretty much!


  1. Finally, the news has hit the web!! We so appreciate everyones prayers for us. We trust in God's goodness and He works through His saints' prayers, so thank you to all the saints praying for us. Pray especially for my precious wife's health and strength, and of course for the baby.

    And J, as far as T3 goes, just think of all the scrapes and knocks as basic training for manhood. It's going to be a rough world for him to live in (more than just physically rough) so he'll need all the training he can get. I can't think of a better woman for him to have as mother to help him through it, though!! I love you.

    Is calm excitement an emotion? Calm in knowing that through Jesus we are secure in the path God has in store for us, and so excited that there is a new baby to go down that path with us!

  2. Congratulations sweet Joseph family!! We are so happy for you!

  3. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful blessing. All our best!

  4. Yay! Justin told me during church and I had to run home to relieve E from her babysitting duties so I didn't get to hug your neck!! CONGRATS! We are rejoicing with you!!!! Hope you're feeling ok!?

  5. whew...what a relief that it's finally out there! i've been about to pop since MW told me!!! thank you, Jesus, for being the author of life. we are so thrilled for you...all 5 of you! whoa!

  6. How wonderful!! You can count on my prayers. We were reading in Deuteronomy about God blessings including multiplication. What a blessing. I can't wait to hug your neck!
    Call me when you can.

  7. CONGRATS!! Three is super fun! And how much fun to be preggers with your sis! Hopefully my sis will hurry up and we can have a couple more as she starts her family!
    Hope you're feeling well!