Friday, October 24, 2008

Bumgalls and Monkeys

First, I forgot to post the youtube video for the cardboard's 8 min, but worth EVERY second! Check it out!

We're in trouble...with T3. He's really keeping me on my toes these days! Yesterday afternoon T went to get T3 from his crib, post nap time...and T3, according to T, had his toes wrapped around the bars of the crib, much like a monkey, and was climbing out. Another inch or so and he would've gone face first. T suggested we go ahead and move him to a in, not a crib. I'm like, NO WAY! I DON'T THINK SO!!! However, the mattress is as low as it goes. What to do, what to do?

Today he:
  • climbed up onto the kitchen table
  • climbed up onto his highchair tray (as in, was sitting on top of the tray)
  • climbed up onto the table in the breakfast room and stood up on it
  • scaled the sides of his crib (from the outside the crib), would almost get to where he could boost himself over the side, and then he'd drop back down
  • pushed a kitchen chair up to the sink and tried to turn the water on
  • tried to climb up the window in the dining room by using the window ledge
Hmmm....there seems to be a pattern here! Lest you worry I wasn't paying attention, I was. Perhaps it was a foolish decision, but I was pretty in awe of his pure skill in maneuvering his little 18 month old bod, so I stood in the shadows, observed, even took a few pictures, and then scooped him up, put him down and told him not to repeat the offense. I'm sure my snapping pictures provided excellent reinforcement. 

This morning MW asked for some bumgalls! Yep, bumgalls! T and I laughed so hard!!!

She came home from school with a drawing of our family...complete with a chandelier hanging overhead! I'm learning we share a love of finer things! 

I'm at it again, cleaning out. Since we moved T3 upstairs, the extra room up there has become a "junk" room. Really, it's not junk, it just has that feel. I mean, who wants to spend the night surrounded by cardboard boxes? I am determined to organize it. NO MORE BOXES!!!

In the process of unpacking, cleaning out, and organizing, I've discovered every Madame Alexander Doll box that MW has ever been given. The dolls are on top of her bookcase in her bedroom. Do I really need to save all those boxes? What's the purpose? In case she ever wants to sell them or they become collectors items worth millions? (I'm hearing that line from Erma Bombeck's poem..."burn the rose candle before it melts in the attic...")

And what about my box of extra wedding invitations? Of course, I would tuck a few in my wedding album, but what is the benefit/point to holding on to those? I mean, there's no reason I need to. Of course, had I had access, as a child, to my parents wedding invitations and could've played pretend with 'em, I'd have been in hog heaven. Maybe I should save them for MW to play with.

I didn't have my wedding dress cleaned and preserved. Call me crazy and unsentimental, but I so want to enjoy MW playing in it! She's already worn it once. Yes, I DID just say that! And here is why I'm taking this approach: My mom preserved hers and pulled it out when I got had yellowed and rotted. It tore as I tried it on...I just figure the chances that my dress will still be in style, will fit MW, won't have rotted away or yellowed, and that she'll actually WANT to wear it are slim to none. Of course, T's cousin wore her mother's gown and it was gorgeous! However, I'm taking my chances. We're going to have a great time playing wedding in my REAL wedding dress!

Ok, so...thoughts on the Madame Alexander Doll boxes?  Thoughts on the extra box of invites?

Also...blogger, for whatever reason, won't let me upload pics...maybe tomorrow.

MW and I are on chapter 9 of Charlotte's Web. She's quite fascinated with how Charlotte drinks the flies' blood...go figure!

I fell asleep reading Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free... Still in chapter 2.

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  1. What a little stinker T3 is!!! I know your heart isn't ready to move him to a real bed. I understand. The Madame Alexander boxes can go. I'd toss them. DOn't look back. And the wedding ivites- I still have a box of mine (after I gave a million leftovers to Lera Jean)...I try to get the nerve to throw them out...and I CAN'T!!! :)