Monday, August 18, 2008

We the People...

Oh man…so during this entire election process I’ve sort of withdrawn. T keeps me informed of anything seemingly earth shattering. I’m a conservative. While I don’t agree with everything McCain backs, I’m definitely for McCain over Obama. I mean, I own a small business and I pay taxes out the wazoo…I watch my husband slave his rear end off so we can pay Uncle Sam. What, we start actually making money in April? I pass scads of people lounging on their front porches, fanning themselves while eating pork rinds and drinking pepsi. They live in government housing, which I help pay for. I pass all of this while on my way to the bank, where I deposit my paycheck because I work. (And I understand that some of these people work as well.) I have to deposit 25% of every dollar I earn into my tax account, which goes to Uncle Sam. I also have to file my sales tax monthly. I HATE THIS!!! (Yes, hate is a strong word. I HATE this!) Believe me, I am a CONSERVATIVE!

Now back to being informed about political matters…while T has time in the car to listen to talk radio, my time in the car is spent listening to Bibletoons and Judy Rogers and hearing the latest tid bit about Hoppy and her imaginary adventures, or answering questions like “why is my booger green?”…As far as computer time goes…T spends his on the web checking informative sites…I spend mine checking blogs…we have a tv, but we don’t pick up any channels. We only use it for movies and we’ve only recently started purchasing the Sunday paper…for the coupons…All in all, I’ve been pretty clueless save what T shares with me. So last night when a friend sent me the link to a youtube video on Obama, I lost my appetite and realized I NEED to pay more attention.

T and I spent some time doing research to verify the facts presented in the video…based on that research, we’re concluding that these are accurate facts. Take a look:

I had watched most of the video when T and MW came into the room. Together, in silence we watched the last few seconds…no, I would never dream of letting her watch the beginning of it. With the most somber expression and worry in her tone she pleaded to know why were “they leaving that baby…without even covering him up…why would they do that?…is he going to be ok? Will anyone come in and get him?” My four-year old values life…she understands the concept that God knits us together in our mother’s womb. She has placed her hand over my belly and felt her unborn brother kick in response to the sounds of her voice. Life does indeed begin at conception.

To all my stay at home mom friends…if you’re at all like me, you’re so busy wiping bottoms, washing dishes and clothes, mending items, picking up, grocery shopping, ironing, menu planning, washing the dog, etc. etc. etc. you haven’t paid a whole ton of attention to what’s going on politically. It’s time we pay attention. I can’t believe this guy is up for election. I absolutely cannot fathom this. My heart aches for those little ones left to die…left to die alone. Do you think they cried? Perhaps they were too weak to cry. Their little hearts were beating, beating, beating…

The woman on the video described a 21-22 week old baby…T and I have friends who lost their baby at 21 weeks. She went into pre-term labor in spite of bed rest, and the doctors weren’t able to stop her labor. She gave birth to a breathing, heart beating, baby boy. He only lived a few hours and they mourned his death.

The issues on life beginning at conception really aren’t scientific. The facts are there. Life begins at conception…I think it’s far more a heart issue. It’s much easier to dismiss the facts and save your conscience in order to end something viewed as an inconvenience.

Obama’s stance on induced labor abortion is murder. Those babies are issued BIRTH and DEATH certificates. When I watched this video and realized this was going on in America, I felt the urge to vomit. I wanted to run to my children and hug them and hold them. I remember those tiny fingers and toes…the smell of a newborn infant. May God forgive America. We are a sinful nation, indeed. When I realized America had put a man up for election who supports this I wanted to weep for our country. Where are our hearts? I am ashamed a man with these ideals is even being considered for President. Our unborn children need to be protected and this man will not protect them.

This is disgusting. Can I describe the way my heart plummets each time I think about this? I think of the Ammonites in the Old Testament…didn’t they sacrifice their children to Molech? Isn’t that what we are doing? “Oh that was different” you say, “they sacrificed to a stone god”…my friend, America sacrifices her children to the god of “good, better, and best,” to the god of “ease” and “comfort,” to the god of “we just can’t deal with this now.” She sacrifices her children to the god of “not now, and not like this” and so many other excuses. Oh friends, America is sacrificing her children to gods all right, not stone gods, but living, breathing gods of flesh…she’s sacrificing her children for herself. I pray Obama does not become our next president.

I rest in the assurance that God is completely sovereign no matter who takes office. However, my heart is quickly feeling the desire and urge to utter this prayer: "Come quickly Lord Jesus."

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  1. We need more people like you in America! May God convict this nation of the sin they commit through abortion! We must pray for our future generations and for all unborn babies.Life is too precious to take away!!