Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bye Bye Pajama Days...For A Little While

I feel funny following up the last post with something a bit lighter, but alas…

And before launching into this...I will post photos in the morning, so check back!

My baby girl started 4-p and she’s going five days a week! I teared up Monday when we went to see her classroom and meet her teachers. I had to seriously choke back the tears Monday night at the parent/teacher meeting when her teacher said, “Moms, you can walk them in the first day, but after that they need to walk in by themselves.” I just about lost it when I woke her Tuesday morning. Most mornings she sleeps until about 8 or so, and then comes sleepily thumping down the stairs with giraffe in hand and wants to cuddle. I hold her on my lap and we read books or from her God’s Little Princess Devotional. We’ve had so many laid back mornings where we ate a slow breakfast and then worked on art projects. There have been mornings when she put on her dress up clothes before even setting foot downstairs. So yesterday morning at 7:30 I quietly crept into her room and lifted the shades. I folded down the bedrail and climbed in beside her. She rolled over and mumbled something about wanting to go back to sleep. I reminded her it was her first day of school…that did the trick! She rolled back over and declared, “THIS is going to be the best day EVER!!!” We talked about all she’d be doing and then she asked, “Mama, is this going to be your best day ever?” I got teary thinking about all we’re saying goodbye to. I told her it was going to be a great day for me and in my mind I was reassuring my heart that we would still have those pajama days and rainy mornings of tents and reading the same book over and over…she climbed out of bed and dressed and then helped me make her bed…something we’re going to be doing now that we’ve got to stick to a morning schedule. She excitedly ate breakfast and danced around the house waiting to leave. The tears came again when I walked her into the classroom and she gave me the fastest hug she’s ever given me and was off. She didn’t even look back. I stood at the door kind of dumbfounded, like, aren’t you going to miss me? Even just a little bit? The teacher went back into the classroom and I realized that was my cue to leave. I cannot believe we are here already! Five mornings a week!

Carpool started Wednesday morning. MW and two other children will be riding together. One mama will take every morning, as she has to be at work by 9, and work is near the school, so that’s convenient. The other mother and I will rotate picking up…Wednesday morning found MW standing by the living room window watching for Mrs. P. As soon as she spotted Mrs. P’s car, MW was out the door running. I buckled her and told her I loved her and as they pulled away, MW didn’t even look my way. She was already engrossed in conversation with Mrs. P’s daughter…

We’re off to a great start. This has definitely been much harder on me than it has been on her.

Wednesday night we were eating dinner and going through her class roster asking her about each child. We got to one little boy, upon uttering his name, MW burst out with “Oh, I love him! He is like my boyfriend.” T asked if she even knows what a boyfriend is? Her reply: “oh yes. That means when we grow up we get married and then my husband turns out not to be my husband so he is my boyfriend and I make him drive the car and he has to say ‘Hey Baby!’” Ok, um, where did she come up with this????

In closing, tonight while saying prayers, MW prayed this:

"Dear Father, You are the most beautiful God in the whole world."



  1. Just love it! I am looking forward to doing the things that you talked about in your post with my little girl. She is 10 months today. I am so proud of MW. I am especially proud of her prayer. I am reminded of her when I see the illustrations in Laura Ann's book of a pretty little girl playing. I miss you all and appreciate your comment on my blog. I just sent a prayer up concerning this season in your life. I know that you are thankful but have savored the time with sleepy eyed MW coming down with giraffe at her side. May God be glorified in "routine" as well.

  2. What is up with me today? I have cried three separate times just this morning at school! Sweet MW made the tears flow. I am so proud that she is growing up and loving the Lord. Love you!

  3. Katie, welcome to pregnancy! I once cried while I was pregnant because a restaurant did not cook my steak well done. My poor husband didn't know what to think. He jokingly said, "I can't take you anywhere."

  4. She hasn't had any marriage proposals yet has she? :) She is serious about those kinds of things so you better be ready.
    It is a blessing that she is so easy going and ready to be there, at least she doesn't leave crying.
    I picture Sam glued to my leg. It will break my heart to leave him there if he is sad.