Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Mercies

His mercies are new every morning. How sweet that was as I woke this morning. It’s a new day, a fresh beginning. The sun is shining. My hydrangeas have new growth. The grass is greener (perhaps thanks in part to the hour and a half I spent mindlessly watering it – by HAND yesterday… a form of therapy for me…). I hear the thump thump of little feet on hardwood floors. God is good. His mercies ARE new every morning. A dear friend emailed me and said, “May you feel hugged by God today through the blooms of spring.” How can I feel anything but hugged by my heavenly Father? His attention to detail in my life leaves me feeling thoroughly cared for, loved, and cherished. The earth is filled with His glory.


  1. O.k. those rolls are priceless!!!!

  2. So encouraging. As always, I'm impressed with your faith and character. Love you tons and tons. Thanks for your design input. Hope tomorrow is a fantastic day!!!!