Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Birthday Boy!

Oh my! What a fun weekend we had celebrating T3’s first birthday! Mom came into town Friday night and we talked until midnight! It was great! So much fun! She is awesome and I was so encouraged by her demeanor. I’m not sure I would be so at peace after going through all she went through these last three years. She is amazing and I am very proud of her!

Saturday morning I stayed in bed a little too late. T3 slept until 9am and I couldn’t resist! I curled up beside T and dozed off and on…which is a BIG mistake when you have family and friends coming in for a party at noon!

Bottom line…we had a GREAT time! We ate T3’s favorites…ham, lima beans, and black-eyed peas. Followed by an eight layer yellow cake with chocolate icing! As you can see from the pictures above, T3 liked his cake! At first he grabbed for the flame, then picked a blue ball off the cake and ate it. Yum…he ate a few more…and then got icing on his finger. He shook it, trying to get the icing off. I put his finger in his mouth and he realized how yummy it was and the rest is pretty much history. He couldn’t get it fast enough! There was chocolate on the walls, the door, and ALL over T3! He was precious!

MW helped him open his gifts. He loved everything he got! Which included a push lawn mower…T wishes it was the real thing, as T3 constantly “mowes” the house! He’s also constantly hammering everything in site and then erupting in giggles! He got a giant dog whose nose T3 enjoys biting! He’s so fun to watch. He’s pretty much running all over the house and he’s into EVERYTHING!

During T3’s nap Monday afternoon, I let MW play outside. She begged me to let her swim in her baby pool…she filled that thing to the top and then put her “motorcycle” (a tri-cycle) into the pool, followed by her golf cart, and then her plastic wagon which she declared was a “ship.” She was on her way to Pontius Pirate Island. (Hmm..another reference to the Easter story? Pontius Pilate?) She keeps me laughing!

I am so proud of my husband! Last night we went to a dinner party celebrating that he and eight other men were licensed! This has been an almost two year process and it has required much! Sixteen men applied for a license and only nine completed the course. This is a HUGE deal and I am SO PROUD of T! What a fun night to enjoy a delicious dinner along with nine other couples and some of upper management, who understood what getting there required. (Let me expound on that a little – I don’t have a clue what was required of T day in and day out. I cannot fathom the pressure and the intensity. All I know about are the things in his notebooks that I called out to him again and again. I know about keeping children quiet and out of Daddy’s way so he can study. I know about being a single parent for days on end so my husband could study. It was refreshing to join other women who had tasted of the same cup!) What a delight to share in the joys! How awesome to hear my husband’s name called and to see him walk to the front, shake all those hands, and take his license in hand! I’ve never clapped so hard for anyone else in all my life! I don’t think I’ve ever beamed with such pride either! I am PROUD of my man! Way to go, Babe! I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday, T3! No question whether or not you enjoyed that cake! And CONGRATULATIONS T!!!!!! What an honor. I know you must be so proud to see all your hard work come to fruition!

  2. What a week!! T3's picks are fantastic. Av was too clean with her cake and we missed out on pics like these.

  3. JJ & Grandpa J said:
    Way to go T! We are excited for you that it is all official. We love you and are so very proud of you. God has truly blessed you not only with a smart brain but also with a most wonderful wife! J, we are so proud of you for coming alongside T and helping to make it possible for him to do what was necessary to pass the licensure exams. We know that it was a long and hard two years. We love you both.
    JJ & Grandpa J