Thursday, February 14, 2008


I cannot believe it's been an entire week since I last posted! Our life has been crazy hectic. T was out of town for an entire week. He arrived home on Friday afternoon and then began shift work Sunday morning, pulling out of the driveway at 5am! He worked Sunday and Monday and then his crew rotated off for three days, which was great! Shift was wonderful a year and a half ago when he did it for six months. We've been so excited about the schedule. We live in a "fixer-upper" that is in desperate need of work - we've come VERY far, but almost two years of not doing much because of an incredibly demanding work schedule has caused us to find we've got some major work to do! Which we just knew we'd be able to do once T was on shift...well...things are a little different now! LIke, when he did shift work before, we had one child. And she was only a year and a half. She still took two naps a day. Now, we have two children. I won't bore you with all the details, suffice it to say, it's very different now!

This is what we did on this three day off:

Tuesday: took MW to school, had a brief "budget, fill out school registration forms, etc." meeting, ran back to the preschool for MW's valentine's day party, went home, T and MW went to the park while I did freelance work, then we ate left overs for dinner and I scooted out the door for Bunko, got home around 10, and we crashed in the bed.

Wednesday morning I'd set the alarm to get up by 6am at the LATEST. I had a logo to finish that I'd promised would be emailed by 8am...and MW and I had to leave the house by 8am to join two other moms and their little girls for an adventure I'll tell you about in a scoots closer to me in the bed and says, "It's 7:20, should we get up now?" I've never flown out of the bed so fast! And with such a grumpy attitude! He was gracious and I did get something of a logo sent off, and we were about five minutes late for our adventure...which pretty much consumed the rest of the day, followed by Wed. night church. Before which, T noticed MW putting stickers all over T3's hair. (see picture) I asked if he'd noticed what was going on, to which he replied that "she'd already put three in when I saw what she was doing, so I let her finish." Do you have ANY idea the ordeal getting all of those stickers out of my innocent little boy's hair was??? Oh the tears!

That brings us to today! My sweet husband brought me breakfast in bed and even trimmed all the fat off my bacon! I've never had anyone do that for me! I've never even hear of such a thing! He also gave me a HUGE box of chocolates! and a sweet card! Before we'd finished our breakfast MW stumbled into our room and climbed in the bed with us. Not more than a few minutes passed (during which she ate most of the bacon) T3 began to fuss...T retrieved our little man and he nawed on a piece of bacon while MW opened her valentine from us. It was a small heart shaped box, the same size my mom used to give me, and when I was a little girl, there were five chocolates! Well, now there are only three. MW ate all three of them right then and there! She had the cutest little chocolate mustache! The rest of the morning was taken with T listening as I spilled my guts. It was quite refreshing. I feel emotionally drained, but thoroughly cleaned out. It is so wonderful to be married to a man who is the perfect combination of gentleness and compassion! My eyes are swollen from the hot tears I cried. Much has happened in our family during the past three years. I feel like my heart is lacerated and every time a tear begins to heal, it gets ripped open again, and deeper. I don't know why so much surfaced on Valentine's day...

On to lighter things, like: Our Adventure! MW and I joined these other moms and their daughters to make the drive to see the My LIttle Pony stage production! We ran through the doors just as the music was beginning. MW's eyes were as wide as saucers! We had a wonderful time! It was the "world's biggest tea party" and we all got our own paper tea cup upon arrival! During the intermission the other little girls and their moms went to check out the "goods." T and I are old fashioned, maybe cheap is a better description, but to us, the trip - the actual being there to see the event, that is the treat. We'll take pictures! But being there and being there together, that is the treat. The other little girls' moms bought them stuffed my little ponies. MW looked on and asked if she could have one. I told her I wasn't going to buy her one, but if she wanted to spend her money on one, she could, but it would put off buying the dress she's been saving for! My precious little girl immediately decided she would rather have the dress. (The fact that Aunt Anne had already given her a stuffed my little pony just like the ones her friends were getting did help!) However, she seemed a little bit quiet and I felt a little bad. We returned to our seats and AK scooted over to MW. AK was holding her pony and MW reached out to pet the pony and asked what her name was. I felt horrible. Here was my precious little girl, lovingly and longingly stroking the yarn hair of a stuffed my little pony. Everything in me wanted to run back and buy her one of her own. My heart felt like it was melting. It would've been easier had she been a brat about it, or thrown a fit, but she didn't. She was perfectly respectful and obedient, and even happy for the other girls. Oh - I wish I could see those virtues in my own heart! As we left, one of the attendants gave MW a big ball of streamers that had been shot out during the tea party scene! MW is treasuring those streamers! They're on her desk and they're the only thing she hasn't cut up with her scissors!

And now T is back at work. Four on! And then a week off! Yea!

And about the blog title, MW announced to us today that it is "just so humilitating!" She has no clue what the word means and I'm not sure where she heard it, but she is certainly using it!

T3 is about "an hour away from walking" as a friend said. He practically ran behind this little push thing MW was given on her first birthday. T3 goes so fast with it! And then he runs into something and tries to turn it. It's so funny - the many differences in boys and girls! MW can't steer for anything! She gets so frustrated! She has a Barbie Jeep, that she can drive in a straight line! It's so frustrating because she gets so frustrated trying to turn it, yet little boys her age hop in that thing and they are all over our yard! T3 can move! At ten months, he's already trying to navigate!

Before I sign off, I have to share the MOST FABULOUS RECIPE for broccoli and cauliflower EVER!!!
I scraped the pan! Delicious!!!
1 cup broccoli
1cup cauliflower
8 garlic cloves, peeled, and sliced in half
a "spray" of Pam Olive Oil
Fresh Ground Pepper
1/4 a block of the small block of blue cheese

Ok, put the first three ingredients in your small pyrex, spray with olive oil (or drizzle it on and toss)
Grind your pepper on top
Put her in the oven for 25 minutes at 450, tossing or turning once
Crumble the blue cheese over the top and put a lid on your dish so the cheese melts, then stir it all together to thoroughly coat and serve!

It is SOOOOOO GOOOOOD! I cannot WAIT to eat it again! Biting into that roasted garlic with a hint of blue cheese...yummy!

Well, you got an earl full, or an eye full tonight!


  1. J, I love your post.... and oh how it sounds so familiar! Morgan would not have gotten a pony either and my heart would have been sad too... MW handled it like a champ! I hope that after these 4 days you and T can refuel during his week off!! Something to look so forward to... start your list now! :)

  2. It is wonderful to keep up with all of you on your blog!! Thanks for making time in your busy schedule to write it.
    The camp-out is a great time for T
    and MW to spend together.