Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arm Ankles

This cannot be a long post! It is 12:30 in the MORNING! I am still up because I've spent the entire night BY MYSELF! MW and T are camping in the back yard in our new family tent! I didn't think MW would last, but so far, she's proven me wrong! That little girl LOVES being out there! She packed quite a backpack of goodies! Then, she dumped it on the kitchen floor and re-packed them all into her pink and white gingham dog house (thanks Bobo!), along with all six (stuffed) dogs! And that's what she carried outside. T set up the portable dvd player in the tent! (my, how "camping" has changed!) They took two bags of popcorn, some valentine candy, and a sprite out with them. Last time I checked on them, both were in their sleeping bags, munching on snacks, watching Ben Hur (thanks JJ!) There were pieces of popcorn all over the floor of the tent, and they'd spilled the sprite! By 9pm, they were inside for MW's second bathroom trip! She also requested I fill her pink cup (the kind that stacks up to drink and then collapses into it's little base) with water. So, with the cup full of water, she collapses it, I guess thinking that somehow, magically, the collapsed cup would somehow hold all that water! Wrong! The floor needed mopping anyway! I can hardly wait for morning to come just so I can hear all about their adventures!

Last night MW had another adventure! T worked all night last night, so I let MW sleep with me. Let me back up...she fell asleep inside her play tent in the playroom and took a three hour nap yesterday afternoon. I knew she'd been exhausted, and figured the nap wouldn't postpone bedtime too much - I was wrong! She was WIRED! Combine her energy with mine - yesterday I got this little bug to get going on home projects...so I made a mental note of everything I could do with supplies we already have, since our home improvement envelope is empty until March! So, I've been doing a lot of painting...trim that is! I had sanded down a section of wall in the laundry room that T had patched (gotta love additions, old homes, and roof leaks!) and MW was hopping all over the place wanting to help. Aha! What a GREAT idea I had! I filled up a little squirt bottle with a few squirts of shout (for authenticityl) and water and dumped all the dirty clothes in a pile in the hall and told MW to spray every spot she saw...that little girl layed out each garment and sprayed ( I refilled the bottle twice!) and sprayed and then she'd stick 'em in the laundry basket. It was amazing! She was so proud of herself and she worked so diligently! And I got to paint that section of wall and prime some trim! Finally, around 11pm (bad parenting, I know! She's usually down by 7:30!) we crawled into bed. She was so funny! She insisted on sleeping in one of my tank tops, which was more like a night gown on her! She started off on my side of the bed. I always go to bed with a cup of water. She insisted on having her own cup of water - and (fyi aunt K and uncle M) she asked for LIMES in it! So we curl up in bed and she put on my carmex and then squirted TONS of lotion on her hands, which she proceeded to dot all over herself, spreading the majority on her face! Oh, did I mention that she INSISTED on wearing my snake skin high heels to bed! When I finally convinced her that she wouldn't be able to keep her feet in them under the covers, she put them beside her IN the bed!??? She did NOT like the idea of sleeping wihtout a night light. Finally we switched sides of the bed so she could be closer to the alarm clock, since it emits a little light!

So much for a short post...one more thing to share! I'm so excited! T has, thus far, done the majority of the repair work where rot has been concerned. However, yesterday all of that changed! Several months ago we (ok, really T) blasted out a concrete ramp that had been attatched to the house. Some moisture had been trapped between the ramp and the shingles on the house and a small section of wood had begun to rot. Well...yesterday I got out T's chisel and hammer, etc. and I chiseled out a square section, removing all the rot, and replaced it with plywood (T did cut the plywood, though I was willing!), put up that construction paper stuff (it's too late - I can't remember the name of it!), and put a new shingle up! Hee hee! I did it this time! And it was way more time consuming than I thought possible! (Don't tell T I said that!)

Oh, and as for the title of this post, MW has affectionately named writsts, "arm ankles."


  1. J, what an interesting life. You guys have all kinds of adventures!! I love reading your blog. Curious about what they did for heat in the tent. As you will remember from college, I am not a good camper! I would sure not make it in the cold. Proud to say that A has slept two nights in a row in his crib all night!

  2. Way to go Jen! We need some pictures of your home improvement project and the campers to accompany this post!

  3. i am cracking up! limes? you are teaching her early!!! i can't wait to tell matt. do you remember when dad and you and me slept in dad's tent in the front yard? i know mw had the best time!