Thursday, February 7, 2008

Honey Bear

Just enough time for a quick post and then I'm off to bed! Last night I started reading Steve Brown's book "A Scandalous Freedom" (which I believe should be italicized/underlined, but I'm on a mac and the shortcut keys aren't working...) Anyway, I can't put this book down. I read until midnight last night and then for another forty minutes this morning. It presents the freedom we have in Christ in some very interesting ways. It's very engaging and I haven't felt a desire to be engaged and challenged to think through a book like this in a long time. Yea!

I did something today I haven't done ever! I dropped MW off at school, and then I took T3 to Mother's Day Out. They have a "drop in" policy, so it was just a one time thing. So, at 9am I found myself - by myself! No noses to wipe or milk to fix. No dolls to dress or diapers to change. No tears to wipe. No messes to clean up. No demands. Silence. Just me. That's when I read for forty minutes and then I did freelance work for the next three hours or so. I'm still behind! Will I ever catch up???

MW walked over to join the Mother's Day Out kiddos for an hour, until I picked them up at 1pm. Wow. I cannot believe I had all that time to myself during daylight hours! It's been a long time since I had that freedom and considering the week we've had, it was worth every penny! Evidently MW didn't eat her lunch, because she was crying for me, and T3 spent the entire morning crying off and on...

Oh, exciting news! MW's name got drawn to bring Honey Bear home from school for the weekend! Honey Bear has been home with so many other children and we're so excited she (I think Honey Bear is really a boy, but MW is sure Honey Bear is a GIRL!) has FINALLY come home with us!

We have to record everything we do with Honey Bear so she can tell the students about her weekend with MW. Well, just so you don't miss out on anything, first MW and Honey Bear had a picnic in MW's bedroom - on the floor! They had craisins and animal crackers and milk. Next, MW put on her ballet clothes and then we dressed Honey Bear in ballet clothes. She wore a pink leotard and a tutu. You should've seen the look on MW's ballet teacher's face when MW came in dragging Honey Bear in a tutu! Miss A. obliged and allowed Honey Bear to sit in the back of the dance studio to observe. After class we took some pictures of MW and one of her best friends with Honey Bear.

We also got some pictures of MW and Honey Bear wrapped in their bath towels. MW dressed herself in a nightgown that Aunt K, Aunt A, and I had all worn. (The white ones with the little hearts) and then she dressed Honey Bear in a nightgown that had been Aunt A's (white with little pink flowers). They curled up in bed with Molly and MW "read" to them. Then we all piled in the bed and I read "Meet Molly" to MW, Molly, and Honey Bear.

That brings up an interesting point. I thought reading the Molly books to MW would be so fun. I devoured all the American Girl books when I was a little girl - but I must've been older than 3.5! I keep having to edit on the spot. I know MW will pick up on the "I see London I see France" rhymes soon enough, but I'm not going to be the one to teach them to her! (And neither is Molly!) Maybe we'll do LIttle House on the Prairie next...I'll have to pull out "Honey for a Child's Heart." It lists age appropriate books...

Anyhow, in the book Meet Molly, Molly and her two best friends dress up as hula dancers for Halloween. So, this afternoon I found MW introducing Molly to Honey Bear. They've been planning their halloween costumes!

It's gotten very late. I need to go to sleep. I have a fun day of making valentine's with MW planned for tomorrow! Lots of glue and tape and fun! I can't wait to see how creative she will be! The thought of her dancing around my office, glueing and cutting and painting...I'm sure I'll hear several exclamations of "oh mama, isn't it bootiful????"

P.S. I'll post Honey Bear pix later!

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