Friday, November 2, 2007


I can't believe it's been an entire week since I've made time to post! Where has the time flown? I'll give a brief recap:

Friday Night:
We took the kids to their first football game! They had a blast! MW brought her appetite and managed to consume an entire hot dog, including the bun, two bags of doritos, a sugar cookie, grapes, cheese, and a few bites of a chicken finger. At one point she proudly declared, "I have two hollow legs!" She spent the majority of the night watching the cheerleaders, whom she imitated. If they clapped, MW clapped. If they cheered, MW cheered. T3 sported a Nike skull cap during the first half and as the temperature dropped, I replaced it with a "beaver" cap. He looked so cute! Only the beaver on the cap had more teeth than T3!

T and I packed the kids into the car in their pajamas early Saturday morning in search of treasure at a garage sale. The ad read "Tools for Sale" and that's all it took to get T in the car. An hour and thirty dollars later we left with a tea set, a bicycle with a carrier for a baby doll on the back, a scroll saw, a hand plane, and a brace. T and MW were very happy! We also went by a furniture store where I picked out pieces I liked and T examined how they were made, even crawling on his knees at one point! That's love! I can't wait to see what he builds when class is over!

MW was invited to two birthday parties back to back. We survived! She was slightly hyped up on cake and ice cream! At one party she was given a Dora party favor. When we got home I noticed the bag felt heavier than it had at the party. That little stinker had dumped an entire bowl of candy corn off the coffee table into her goody bag and declared her friend had helped her!

One day last week I walked into the kitchen and what did I see? MW wearing a purple tutu, and my snake skin high heels. She was holding onto the bar across the freezer door and was using it as a barre to do ballet! Seeing her kick those little high heel clad feet high into the air was something else!

Wednesday after going to the gym we went by the Christian bookstore and purchased "God's LIttle Princess Devotion Bible." It's short passages of scripture with a short application section for 4-7 year olds. MW was so proud! She carried it from the back of the store to the front, gently holding it. While we waited in line, she pretended to read the story of Jonah aloud. Oh, and this is the same bookstore where T3 soaked me instead of his diaper and where MW broke the angel - and as soon as we walked in they remembered us!

All week MW made a big fuss over being "Belle" for the "Fall Festible." She talked about the dress she would wear and the jewelry, etc. When Wednesday and the "Fall Festible" rolled around we told her to get dressed and she came back, not in her Belle outfit, but in a pink dress. Not a "dress up" dress, but a pink dress - like a real dress, and her pink ballet style dress shoes. She proclaimed that she was "Snow White or Sleeping Beauty." Go jewelry, no crazy makeup, no funky shoes, just regular clothes. She had a blast at church that night. She downed lots of cotton candy and popcorn, not to mention candy. Her favorite thing was the big blow up slide, which she rode face down! She also battled T on the blow up "gladiator" mat. It was a wild night with lots of sugar and laughter! T3 went as a "hunter" and wore camo pajamas, bean boots, and his beaver hat!

That night T and I were tucking MW into bed. We were snuggling with her and hugging her. She looked up at us and told us she loves "huggling!"

School day! I had to drag MW out of bed. She was dead weight in her exhaustion from the previous evening's activities! I picked her up after school and we headed to Mema's to meet JJ and Grandma. On the way we stopped for a burger. MW was so excited that she got not one, but two pickles on her hamburger! Once at Mema's we did a little shopping. MW loved everything in the store and constantly oohed and ahhed saying, "Isn't dis bootiful? How gorgeous!"

JJ took MW back to her house for a fun filled long weekend! T3 did great on the trip to Mema's, it was the trip home that was rough. He screamed for about three fourths of the ride! At one point I rolled down the front windows, hoping to drown out the crying. That only made him cry louder! I turned the music up, he cried louder. FInally, I couldn't take it anymore and let out my own "cry." He kept crying and finally stopped about 5 blocks from home! Go figure!

T, T3, and I had a yummy breakfast and then headed to Lowes for our first home project in about 18 months! (Yahoo! I was so excited last night I had trouble sleeping!) We purchased crown for our living room, which has had crown half up, half ripped down for about three years...we ran home and painted and painted and painted and finally started putting crown up late this afternoon. T3 woke before we were at a good stopping point and so he sat in the back of our Kelty baby back pack on my back. It was pretty comical - me trying to hold up crown, T3 pulling my hair and beating the back of my head with a spoon...We did break for dinner with friends who have a son close to T3's age. The boys sat beside one another and had a blast laughing and tyring to grab each other. It's so much fun to see him growing and relating to other little ones! The joy and expressions on his face are amazing!

T is currently filling in the nail holes on the crown. Tomorrow we prime and paint and ta da! Now I just have to finish painting the rest of the trim to match!

I'll have to come back and post pictures from the last week of activity, but right now, I've got to get to bed!

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