Friday, November 9, 2007

Clump Clump

Friday seems to be "the time" to another Friday is here and I am just posting!

T and I finished the crown! Yea! The living room looks amazing! My husband has got "the touch." He picked out the perfect crown! We spent all day Saturday painting it and trim and windows and doors galore. We've finished all the trim except for a few window panes that still need scraping.

I picked MW up Monday morning and we headed home. It's great to have her back! Our house is alive with the pitter patter of little feet, as well as the clump clump of dress up shoes! And T3 is loving having sister she is a constant source of entertainment.

Tuesday was a school day for MW, who, as usual, was shouting "mama" with a smile on her face as soon as she saw my car in car line. What a joy! We went to lunch with some little girls from her class and then...surprise! We went for yogurt at TCBY! MW and her little friend had a great time devouring their ice cream cones. MW had blue ice cream up her nose and all around her mouth forming the most perfectly painted on goatee! They sang and danced and played pretend and even lined up several chairs in a row by the door. (There were two older ladies in there, who were quite taken with the entertainment!) Rest time was a joke that afternoon!

Wednesday morning found us at Bible Study. We gather at a friend's house and the kids play while we try to meet. This week MW came in holding a play gun and crying. The two other boys were "hitting" her with their swords. I guess she didn't understand the game they were playing...

That afternoon T completed his last scenario at work. All he has left is jpms! He'll be finished with the performance portion of the exam this coming Thursday. We're so excited! He doesn't get any feedback on how he's done until it's over...

In light of the completion of his last scenario, and both of us feeling tired in general, we bathed both children before church and took them in their pajamas. MW put on her shoes all by herself and came downstairs in mismatched slippers - one was a bunny slipper and the other was a pink boot style slipper. T got paged half way through the service, as T3 wouldn't stop crying. The nursery workers had given him all of his bottle, which was half the size it should've been. Most of the milk spilled into the diaper bag on the way to church! Lovely! (As was the smell the next day!!! T rinsed everything off, but some of the milk had seeped into the foam lining of the changing pad...ick!!!)

Thursday was another school day. For the first time ever we arrived early - thanks to the time change my children are up around 6:45 am - compared to the normal time of 7:45 ish!

Which brings us to today!

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