Friday, October 26, 2007

It's A Great Day for the Gospel!

Running in the great race...the pace is at times, dizzying...

News Flash: T called this morning to share the "delightful" news that the written portion of the NRC exam has been postponed from November 16 to December 21...I'm reminding myself that it is a great day for the Gospel!

Fast forward...the children slept until 8:30 am this morning which was fabulous! I enjoyed a wonderful time of reading before their voices filled the quiet stillness in our home. MW came downstairs and told me she was "just feeling mellow." Where does she get this stuff?

We enjoyed a trip to the gym, where MW and T3 had the nursery worker's undivided attention, as they were the only children. The first baby doll MW could get her hands on was immediately named Emily and was the honored recipient of MW's constant love and care. It's so cute to see her cuddling and rocking dolls!

We left the gym in search of a birthday gift. After finally agreeing on a present (which is a big deal to a 3.5 year old!), MW, T3 and I took it to the back of the store to have it gift wrapped. While the guy is wrapping the present, I am holding T3 on my hip and I began to feel a warm, wet sensation on my hip, which rather quickly spread down my leg and across my abdomen...somehow, he managed to soak me while avoiding his diaper entirely! I managed to keep my composure and act like nothing had happened. Only a few seconds later MW insisted I come over and check out a porcelain angel bell. I leave the guy wrapping the present and head over to see this most "bootiful" treasure and before I can get to her...CRASH...MW knocked an angel off the shelf. So we picked up the pieces and she apologized several times and I told her it was okay and we reached the counter and I handed the broken angel to the guy and told him we needed to make one more purchase. He looked at me with a genuine smile on his face and said, "Accidents happen. There's no charge. It's okay." He would not let us pay him...GRACE! Sweet grace! It's a great day for the Gospel!

We ran a few other errands, picked up gifts for a few more birthdays (three in all), and then headed home. Guess who got off work early and was there to meet us? None other than the incredible T! What a delight to come home to the man of my dreams!

I got T3 out of the car and discovered he had a bloody nose. It was only coming out of one nostril, but it was pretty thick. I wondered if he just had a nose bleed...until I saw that his index finger was bloody from the tip to just below the first knuckle, or bend. Seems we have a little nose picker!

T put the kids down for "rest time" and I have had a few minutes to myself! Enough to sit down and blog...between checking the load in the washing machine... which reeks from a milk soaked towel I let go a little too long. I forgot it had been used to clean up milk. I was certain the rancid smell in the laundry room had to be from the towel we used to soak up the lake in the breakfast room...WRONG! It was spoiled milk. After the fourth run through the washing machine our clothes smell almost normal...

MW is still supposed to be resting, but has tricked T into sorting and putting away her puzzles...she dumped the entire bin all over her bedroom floor. There are hundreds of pieces, all mixed together!

More than once today MW spontaneously hugged my neck and told me she loves me! I could eat her up!

We're headed to a high school football game tonight. It will be a first for MW and T3! So much excitement! I need to run and get our warmer clothes together. It should be a chilly night!

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