Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Splatter, Splatter!

Splatter, splatter, what's the matter?

T is on evening shift this week, which means he's home in the morning for some of our morning activities. Yea!! Divide and conquer! When he went to wake MW he found her body had been taken over by "Little Miss Grump." She finally left at the threat of a spanking...at which time MW returned with a smile, however forced, and promised to have "a good attitude."

We were running a bit behind this morning...perhaps a theme of ours! In order to be at school by 8:35 am we had exactly eight minutes to eat breakfast. So I'm feeding T3 and trying not to rush MW, who is leisurely eating her Kix and sipping her milk (which was in a "big girl" glass, without a top.) The next thing I knew, MW dropped her entire glass of milk and it splattered all over! T jumped up and saturated a beach towel in the attempt to dry the floor. (Next time I'll pour a smaller glass...maybe with a lid!) As soon as he finished and sat down, MW dropped her spoon, loaded with milk and Kix. T cleaned up that mess and then T3 "spit up." I dodged it and it splattered all over the twice cleaned floor! T, clearly not believing what was happening, made a move for the towel. Ramsey beat him to it...I never ever thought I'd resort to having my dog lick up a mess, but it sure makes life easier and we made it to school on time!

After dropping MW off (at school) T3 and I headed for the grocery store. We'd just made it through the door and I pulled out my pen to start crossing things off my list...not so fast. I took the cap off and ink splattered everywhere! All over my hands, feet, and arms! It got on the buggy and the floor, and of course, all over T3. Well, it was only a few blotches on T3, but we all know how a 6 month old sits completely still...by the time I got to the bathroom sink, ink was everywhere! On both our clothes, smeared all over my hands, all over T3's thighs...so I tried to balance him without spreading ink, while I washed my own hands. I gave T3 a sponge bath and considered leaving him naked for the rest of the shopping trip...but then thought better of that idea. I asked an innocent bystander to hold T3 so I could finish "de-inking" myself. As soon as she agreed, T3 started working on a stinker, a loud stinker! What a gracious woman! All of the ink wouldn't come off, so he looks a bit bruised!

And then came one of my favorite times of the day! Picking MW up from school! Before she gets in the car she starts enthusiastically telling me all about her day and what she made and what her teacher told her and who had a birthday and so much more. She is absolutely radiant with excitement over her day at school. She wants to share everything with me and she doesn't stop talking until well after we're home. Everything is magical and fun and an adventure. I can't help but smile and laugh as I listen.

This afternoon MW played in the yard for a little while, sporting her pink "dress up" dress and high heels. After she'd been inside for about half an hour, she clumped into the kitchen and told me she had doggy poo on her shoe and dress...I don't suppose she could have told me that as soon as she came in the door??? Ha, ha!

The mail came! Yippee! That's exciting at our house! And MW got something! She took off with the unopened letter and returned a few minutes later declaring it was a party invitation. I didn't give it a second thought until I walked through the living room and noticed the yellow envelope from the invitation on the secretary...and my letter opener beside it. She'd opened her invitation with my sharp letter opener! The same letter opener that had been sitting out since she was born. The same letter opener she's never paid attention to! The same letter opener that is now...put away...

MW is currently upstairs "resting" which is code for "playing quietly." She's making up a new song on her piano (so much for the "quietly" part). Between each stanza she stands at the top of the steps and yells down, "Is my rest time over now?"

Ahhh...another predictably unpredictable day! And I do love almost every minute of it! The milk spills, the ink splatters, the doggy poo, and the "songs!" It's life. It's fresh and vibrant and constantly changing. I want to drink deeply and enjoy every moment! To laugh at spilled milk (which I did this morning!) because that's all it is.

Now MW is coming down the steps in her Cinderella gown, which, thanks to much wear, looks more like Cinderella's dress after her step sisters finished with her! She's finished "resting" and is ready for the next chapter of the day. T3 is beginning to stir and I've got dinner to prepare. Since my hot hubby is working, I think we'll have a picnic in The Hundred Acre Wood while we watch Winnie the Pooh...


  1. Jenn, you are the cutest little mom. I love the Winnie the Pooh picnic idea!

  2. Can it be true? "J" is back!!!! Are you gonna get the haircut again and everything? Surely we can dig up the jean jacket. :) Just teasing. I love you!