Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Memphis or Bust

Oh my, oh my! What a weekend! We had great plans to leave town Friday morning by 9 am at the latest. Our plans could not have gone more "off course." We were up and running full speed by 6:15 am with last minute packing. MW, who rarely wakes before 8 am, was up and ready to play by 6:45am, followed by T3 at approximately 6:54. He too, had no intention of returning to sleep. So...trying to finish packing with two little ones running around is crazy enough, but add in T's "oh no" exclamation as he walked through the breakfast room and I wasn't sure what we were in for. Oh, just a roof leak. Sort of a major roof leak. There was about a two foot strip of ceiling saturated, dripping water in the now small lake forming on the floor! MW found it delightful. T and I were like, "here we go again." This is the third major roof leak we've had since moving in four years ago. The roof is only 9 years old. So, we're both craning our necks out the upstairs bathroom window, in the pouring rain, trying to figure out where the water is seeping in...add in a last minute, frazzled search for someone to feed the dogs, plus several other little unexpected complications and we didn't pull out of the driveway until almost eleven!

Halfway to Memphis, we got to visit with T's family! MW thoroughly enjoyed herself and was the proud recipient of a "Belle" dress and new clear and glittery "dress up shoes!" T stayed with his parents for the weekend. He and his Dad "packed heat" and went shooting! (He thoroughly enjoyed his conversation with Grandpa about AK-47s!)

So, after we dropped T off, my Mom joined us and we headed for Memphis to celebrate Mom's 39th (again) birthday! The kids were doing great in the car for awhile, but then T3 decided he'd had enough. It's a good thing there were two of us. Between me and Mom, our hands were full! MW "clumps" into the restaurant in her Belle dress and "dress up" high heels. T3 was gulping down green beans and rice cereal mixed in a clean, but used, yogurt container. It went everywhere! I told MW to eat at least one bite of her hamburger, so she pinched a piece of bread off the bun! Ha!-Very funny! That's so not what I meant!

We made it to K's around ten that night! There's nothing like being welcomed with open arms and a sister who cleaned out her closet so you could fit your pack and play inside it! (not to worry, we left the doors open!) Everyone was in bed by midnight, followed by K and I nearly bumping into one another at 2:22 am - both running for T3, who was bellowing cries of discontent from the pack and play! Back in bed around 2:45 am...And then Mom wakes me around 6:30 am - T3 is up...for good. So the day begins! And it was a great one!

We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast followed by a leisurely walk and then lunch at a little cafe inside a bookstore. In the hour and a half we were there MW made three trips to the ladies room. T3 was rather fidgety. Thank goodness for his incredible hair. People turn to see who that loud baby is and they become so taken with his hair that their scowls turn to smiles!

That afternoon my brother-in-law, agreed to stay with T3 while he napped. We promised should T3 awake, Matt would be able to get up with us by cell phone...so we returned home less than two hours later to find T3 propped in Matt's lap, with the remote control in his mouth! Manly bonding over football and the remote...and no success reaching us by cell.

MW was, as always, playing "dress up." Only, without her entire dress up collection, she "just had to borrow" from the grown ups (unbeknownst to us). She came in the kitchen sporting my tank top, Uncle Matt's dirty hunting socks, and her "glass slippers." Too funny! But, not as funny as when she put someone elses undies over her own pajamas...

Saturday night MW, K, Mom, and I were all piled on the guest bed, with MW pretending to be our Mama. T3 was sleeping soundly when the phone started ringing. In the race to get to the phone (which was in the room with T3) I stepped on the table skirt of the bedside table, and knocked the entire table over! Lamp, clock, vase of flowers, and all! Water splashed out of the vase all over the wall, floor, and lamp shade...so the phone was still ringing, there was a huge thud when I knocked over the table plus Mom screamed (when I knocked over the table) and miraculously T3 slept soundly through all of it! (He's just like his Daddy!)

MW and I shared a queen size bed for this particular visit. All went well until Saturday night around midnight. She was adjusting her pillows and slipped and nailed the outside corner of her eye on the window ledge. An instant bruise and swelling appeared. I tried to put ice on it, but she only wanted to eat the ice! Finally I got her settled and we fell asleep. I woke a few short hours later...she was kicking the stew out of my face. She was still asleep, just dreaming, I guess.

We didn't make it home until after 9pm Sunday night. Today was recovery day. We were all exhausted. T3 slept until 8 am, MW until 10:30 am! (Yes, 10:30!) and I even took a nap! What a fun weekend! So thank you JJ and GJ and Grandma and Grandpa for giving T such a great time! Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you K and Matt for opening your home to us! And thank you God for the blessing of family!


  1. What a fabulous weekend recap! I miss y'all already!!! :)

  2. Gets better with each entry!!
    I would like to have copies of
    the pictures.