Thursday, October 18, 2007

Predictably Unpredictable

Wow! What a day, or two! Yesterday was crazy! I had great intentions of posting and it just never happened!

I went to the gym, which ate up most of the morning. (You know, the prep, getting two dressed and fed and changed and "pottied," etc.! Oh, and don't forget giraffe! And something for T3 to teethe on...)

Next we ran by the grocery - and I have to tell you what happened...MW was, as usual, in "dress up" clothes. Every person we passed complimented her, that is, until we reached the freezer section. A man strolled passed and didn't give her a second look. She was clearly upset as she said, "Mama, can woo beweive dat? Dat man just walk right passed me and didn't eben tell me how bootiful I am!" How to teach her that charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting? To fear the Lord! That God looks at the heart!

MW was invited to play at a friend's house. She dressed herself and left in a pink shirt with "Big Sister" in rhinestones across the front, a "dress up" pink and purple prairie skirt, and pink ballet style dress shoes - oh and did I mention several clips in her hair? About the time she was due home, I look through my office window and there she is, skipping up the sidewalk in a sequin pink dress with loads of new jewelry and a purse, with "new" dress up clothes spilling out of her arms! She borrowed them!

T had come home a little earlier - three cheers for my brilliant husband! He passed the final Audit Exam given by the power company! This means he'll begin the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) exam in about two weeks! (He's working on getting his Operator's License) Way to go T!!!

So we ran a few errands in the afternoon and had a laid back dinner. Between the regular craziness of the day, the added stress of knowing T was taking this huge exam, in which we've been investing the past two years of our lives, plus yesterday marked the two year anniversary our tubal pregnancy...well, it was an emotional day. However, God was (as always) so faithful. He put a song in my heart. I woke before the alarm went off and it was like God just gave me joy that filled my soul all day. Last night T3 even let me rock him and cuddle with him. What a blessing to my soul. Thank You, Lord!

We tumbled into bed, happy, relieved, thankful, and exhausted!

And today has been just as fun! We ran errands early this morning. MW had a friend over. They played "dress up" and played in makeup. -There's nothing like seeing two little girls painting lip gloss on their fingernails, asking, "Now do I look so bootiful?"

We've had a birthday party for Emily, MW's imaginary friend who turned one today...MW's currently trying to force T3 to lie down beside her for a "sleep over." He isn't interested. He'd rather keep banging his rattle on the floor, squealing and letting out an occasional "ugghhhhhh, ahhhhhhh" all in happiness. (Ramsey isn't too sure about it.) As I am writing this, T3 just did his first "crawl." I'm putting it on the calendar! He wants MW's sippie cup and he is flat out moving for it! He'll crawl once, about 8-10 inches and then fall and sort of scoot and then do it again! I can't believe it!

Well, I better make a quick check of the floor and surrounding areas, as he is off his blanket and getting around pretty good!

God is so wonderful! Oh the blessings of a Godly husband and healthy, happy children! Thank You, Lord!

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  1. Jenn! Trey's crawling??? I can't wait to see him tonight! I am so glad you gave in and created a blog. SO FUN!