Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here, There, & Everywhere

This is going to be a totally random post. These are all pictures I'd uploaded prior to the making of Little Man's Indiana Jones scar. Thank you ALL so much for your sweet comments and emails and phone calls. It is precious to be blessed with so many sweet friends who care so much. Y'all are a precious encouragement to me and I appreciate you all! Thank you for loving us! 

Little Man had his stitches removed Sunday afternoon by a good friend of mine. He screamed...she was quick! He is doing great! The inside looks a little like an ulcer in the exact imprint of his top teeth. The outside looks like a cut. Not bad at all considering the fact that last Tuesday the doctor said, "it would be really great if we could keep saliva from leaking through." Ugh. God made our bodies in amazing ways. The healing process is quite astounding.

Earlier this summer I got to spend three days sans the children with my mama. We did this last summer (thanks to my sweet MIL who kept the children!), too. Let me be clear, this time when it's just the two of us is WORK time. Project time.  Check out the gallery wall. We used every gold frame in the house and then used some of this to "gold" a few more. Since I took this photo, Mom has added to the wall and rearranged a bit. It looks SO good!

Once the gallery wall was finished we decided she needed a round mirror to hang over her headboard. One trip to Homegoods, one white wooden mirror, some rub n buff, and a late night, and Mama has a beautiful gold framed mirror. 

We also did some cleaning out. Found this. I distinctly remember ice skating and hearing God Blessed Texas...and then I remember exiting the rink and while unlacing my skates, I heard some guys from the youth group singing I bought the single. Cause, you know, I was in the seventh grade and I was cool like that. Ha! Yeah right. Makes me laugh now.

Little Man, playing the "drums." This is an AWESOME sound to hear at 7:30 in the morning. It's like he has three hands. Super talented.

Speaking of talented...the kids have been making mustaches on scotch tape. They're so cool.

Little Man and his daddy built this tank.

He dressed to match. Including his Sister's camo socks. 

Let me tell you about the best ever marinade and sauce for pork tenderloin. Like - slap yo mama good. Place pork tenderloin in a ziplock bag. Dump in some brown sugar. (Maybe a cup - not sure. I don't measure.)

Now pour on the soy sauce. I don't know...just some glugs...about a cup? Maybe? You can't mess this up. I promise.

Now squirt in some dijon mustard. Several good squeezes. If you're feeling adventurous, spoon in some garlic, too. Fresh, from the jar, whatever. 

Now let it sit. All. Day. Long. 

Grill over high heat for a few minutes, flip, grill a few minutes more. Baste it with that marinade. Butterfly the meat (slice it almost all the way through cutting lengthwise, so you have a long winged "butterfly").

Grill a little longer...until done...let cool for a few minutes and slice thin. 

Then...I mix up a little more brown sugar, soy sauce, and dijon mustard and drizzle it over the sliced meat. Y'all, I am telling you, this is GOOD stuff. You will thank me.

Sister received lots of art supplies for her birthday. The children have been putting them to good use. We have a plethora of art being created. I love it!

So do the children. (Pre-accident.)

A few weeks ago we did a little homeschooling. I cannot get over how much faster Sister is at her reading. WOW! She is flying through! I am so excited! We've gotten six days under our belt over the last couple of weeks. I am thrilled with that! We'll get a few more days in before school "officially" starts.

What that really means is that on those days this fall when I feel I can't do another school day...when the laundry and house are SCREAMING my name...or when it's just too nice out to stay inside all day...or when life happens...we can afford to take a day off. 

Check out that balance. I mentioned needing one for a math lesson. A short time later The Engineer returned with what you see above, in hand. He whipped it out in no time. I do believe that has been the favorite math lesson. Even Little Bit wanted in on the action.

We've kind of worked a little morning routine. She takes her sweet time with yogurt...especially if I let her feed herself...and for the sake of homeschooling, we move her highchair into the office and let her feed herself.

I've been re-arranging. I moved our gigantic bulletin board into the office so we can use it for the children's school papers. As I cleared it off I came across a few pictures...I love this picture. It was taken December of 2006...the first December my parents weren't together, and the December the baby we miscarried was due. My sister's in-laws invited us to spend Christmas with them. It was amazing. A really sweet time for our family during a chapter in life that was very difficult and extremely heartbreaking. The change of scenery was such a blessing.

This picture, though a little washed out, is of me and The Engineer at prom, senior year. We were so young and in love. We knew we wanted to get married. Such a fun night! He is so good lookin'!

Me and my sisters. This was taken during a trip to Colorado. Such a fun trip! That year Dad was the president of a window and door makers association and their convention was in Colorado. The association gave us an all expenses paid vacation to thank Dad for his service. We stayed at the Broadmore. We drank cappuccino every night after dinner. We had GRAND breakfasts. Such sweet memories. And the first and only time I have ever gone fly-fishing.

This was taken at my sister's wedding. Such a precious time for so many reasons. A hard time for many reasons, too. Dad had just moved out. We'd miscarried a month earlier. The best of times and the worst of times. Still, a very, very joyous and wonderful day in my book!

And last, but not least...a portrait of the beloved Land Cruiser, drawn by Sister. That would be me driving and Sister in the backseat (right) crying. Yes, those are tears. 

Happy Wednesday - or Thursday - to you!


  1. That picture with the mustache could win an award. It is amazing in so many ways! Pork tenderloin is my absolute favorite cut of meat to cook can do it so many ways, they are always easy, and they are pretty hard to mess up! Glad y'all's summer is rocking along and glad the mouth is healing!

  2. Loved seeing the old pictures! That is how I remember y'all- you, The Engineer, and your sisters. :) Makes me think of the Valentine's Dance in 9th grade! Ha! :)


  3. love the randomness and the 'slap yo mama'....!!

  4. Missed your posts bc they are my favorites. I'm especially glad Little Man's lip is so much better. (does this mean I will see y'all at the pool soon) :)I'm ready to head over and catch up over one of those delicious pork tenderloins. :)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys! So glad Little Man is on the mend!

  6. Such a sweet post. My hubby and I went to senior prom together too! My oldest sees the picture and seems to recognize us but always asks who it is in the picture, like we really look that much older! Love the art projects too!

  7. Rub n' Buff? Fascinating! Love the mirror and the wall.