Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor...Sort Of

So...guess what we did this morning?? 

We left WAY before dawn and made the trek to the USCIS office to be fingerprinted...

And then we stopped by FedEx and overnighted our Dossier (a HUGE packet of paperwork we've labored over for quite sometime). 

We are that much closer to bringing our son home!!! And that puts a lump in my throat. And makes me choke up while standing at the Fedex counter. 

Little China Brother-we are coming!!! We can't wait to find out who you are! And we love you already. 

mama and daddy


  1. Preciousness! Truly! We pray for your little one and for you all....XO

  2. At least this one doesn't involve stitches...

  3. I love that he is the "China Brother," is there a way to name him something that means that? very excited to watch your family continue to expand!!!

  4. Rejoicing with you in this season of blessings! Congrats on baby girl and China brother! How thrilling!!

  5. Life sure is exciting for y'all these days! Much love to all!

  6. <3 can't wait to see how God works this all out too <3 so very precious <3

  7. Jenn! I smile SO big when I see your story coming together in HIS perfect timing. And I'm thrilled that your story has included adoption, something very dear to my heart. Love you guys!