Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Awesome. I am awesome.

I am an awesome wife (wink, wink). This morning, upon walking into the bathroom, I saw what you see above. This hand towel is what my 6'1" husband dried off with this morning. Because there wasn't a single bath towel in the bathroom closet. 

Did he call for me to bring him a towel? No. 

Did he say ANYTHING to me about it? No. 

This man is patient and his love humbles me. 


  1. You ARE an awesome wife, all towel laundry aside. ;) I think our sweet, patient hubbies could comisserate on this subject together!! Praying for you this week!

  2. Ha! That's what we have used since we lived in Seoul years ago. Makes washing towels much easier and I don't feel bad about using them just twice. Praying for you guys, hope to hear news about the adoption soon. :-) Tracy

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  4. This made me laugh!! You can do it!! You are an awesome Momma and Wife and you have a great Hubs! :)

    Be encouraged!!

  5. What a great photo as a reminder of how patient your husband is. Now, I'd be printing that and sticking it on my laundry room door, lol! I think we've dried off with wash cloths in the past! Oh dear.

  6. Hi Jenna,
    I know your life must be super busy right now- but I'd so love it if you could give an update...:-)
    Just a 'thumbs up' so to speak...