Saturday, February 2, 2013 Pictures (October)

I just about can't stand looking at these collages from years past. My babies were so much smaller!!! Their expressions...such treasures. I'd love to go back for just a little while and touch their baby faces and hear their baby voices. Breathe. Makes me want to breathe in today...deeply. And, too, seeing all the pictures from life in our old house...that wave of homesickness washes over me. And I am reminded that where these people are, these peeps, that's home. Ya know? Pictures (October) Pictures (October)

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  1. Your collages are always a treat Jennifer. But, I completely relate to the desire to turn back really does fly by!! Just enjoy....enjoy....enjoy!!! I particularly like the photo of you running and the appliance writing. Your babies are growing up...but, they are supposed to! You are all beautiful. :)