Saturday, January 16, 2010

2009...In Pictures (October)


  1. Oh I love the one with your little girl in her pink hat...her eyes are so blue! Your fun times at the fair produced great pictures and the one of your little boy with the pump attachments on his face is priceless!


  2. I am absolutely adoring this year in pictures idea! How are you creating the collage? (What program?) Also, can you share what devotional/s you do? I am looking for one and am having a hard time finding one that isn't very time consuming-I thought you would have good recs since you are a busy mom too!

  3. J ~ I don't mean to jump in here and "take over"...the question your friend above (Susannah) asked just got me itching to share my two favourite devotional books ~ I hope you both don't mind! :)

    "Morning and Evening" by C.H. Spurgeon is WONDERFUL ~ I prefer the original (KJV) is SO applicable to today and is given in a "doable" daily doses format.

    The other is a new one we were just introduced to ~

    "Holiness ~ Day by Day" by Jerry Bridges. Another doctrinally sound and very encouraging daily devotional book that has been so encouraging to my heart lately.


  4. Ok, so I'm thinking I remember now how I found your blog.
    Is that your sister in the picture with four girls? I think I found your blog through hers at one time b/c she had a link when she was talking about you in one of her posts. Of course, I couldn't tell you how in the world I found her blog. We must have a mutual friend somewhere in the mix is my guess. I think she made her blog private though a while back, so I haven't read anything else of hers...which is why I couldn't remember how I found yours.

    Anyway, I'm just always curious how other people find my blog amongst the millions out there. So, that is my story of how I found yours!

    Still loving this "year" in review of pictures!

  5. AWESOME COLLAGE!!! (again)
    I love the pic of T3 with the pump parts on his gotta put that in his wedding slide show, or his senior year book, or something!

  6. Fav pic of October? I think I would have to agree with Mommy of two little monkeys. :) That one of T3 is just too funny! I'm sure his future wife would love to see that one sometime. :) lol.