Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2012...in Pictures (July)

Sweet Sister came down with a fever this past Friday. Monday morning she was still running fever and looking quite puny. Turns out the poor thing has Scarlet Fever!  I can't remember the last time she was this down for this long. She's turning the corner. Yay! And I am utterly struck by the wonderful blessing antibiotics and modern medicine are! I mean, years ago this was a common cause of death. I am thankful for a pediatrician who would sing with my child while swabbing her throat. My precious girl. I am so thankful to the Lord for His provision. What could've been life threatening is a mere inconvenience. How amazing.

As of Sunday night we had use of our new countertops. (Yay!) The kitchen is back together, but we still have to do a little painting, the backsplash, and put up crown.  Woop woop!

However, the rest of the house is in an utter state of chaos. We turned the den/library into a dining room/kitchen while ours was out of commission. The floors. Oh dear. My socks are sticking to them right this very moment. Seriously. From yogurt? I think...gross.

Okay...so when we moved into this house, we downsized by a few rooms...a playroom, office/homeschool room, nursery, laundry room, bedroom, and breakfast room. Wow. That's a lot. And figuring out how to make our new space function and serve us has been challenging. I miss those spaces. A lot. One of the biggest challenges has been figuring out where to "do art." We don't have a designated spot and art is something we do a lot of. I mean, there are art projects going 24/7.

As I pondered this, I've realized that I'm not real happy with the set up in our den/library. Actually it drives me crazy. We put our old breakfast room table in there and it is always a mess and it feels so very out of place. I was rolling all this around in my head and decided to haul said table up to the girls' room in lieu of the love seat currently in there. I gathered all their art supplies from all over the house and put them on that table top. And wha-la. I am liking it. They are loving it. The two youngest spent two hours up there this afternoon. Oh yeah.

So the den/library is wrecked. But that's ok. We'll get there. I have to live with things a bit sometimes to figure out what works. And for now, we'll be homeschooling in the dining room. Yep. That makes me kind of excited.

I'm excited to see where we land. I know it'll be good. It just takes time.

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  1. Whoa!!! Scarlet Fever?? SO amazingly wonderful to live in this day and age...what a blessing!! You are making great progress on the house...be patient (I know you are!)...it really will all come together...for this season. And then...you will likely tweak it again in coming years as your family's needs change. We've tweaked ours a few times now. It's fun to see it ebb and flow. Hang in there!

    Camille XO

  2. Now that we're on our third old house renovation/restoration/restorvation {whatever it is!} I'm finding that these old houses speak to us. We've discovered that the best way to handle them is to move in... just move into 1964 and live in it for a while. We're observing our daily rhythms, how we use spaces, what the light is like throughout the year... all of these are factors in future projects that we have planned. And, we're finding that some of the "improvements" that we envisioned before we moved in wouldn't really be improvements after all. It takes time and living and rearranging to figure things out, and as you get to know your house and its spaces it will help you figure out what works and doesn't work.

    I'm thankful Sister is starting to improve. Praying tonight that the rest of you will stay well.

  3. Holy Cow that's so much work and so exciting!!! It's strange to me how we move into our house thinking that things "go" in certain places. It's weird after 7 1/2 years I'm finally having "DUH" moments and finally enjoying my Dave Ramsey digs! :)

  4. Whoh...I did not even know scarlet fever still existed. I'm glad Sister is better. Yay for modern meds - seriously!

    I love everything Christian said about living in a house for a while to really figure out how to really improve it.