Thursday, January 31, 2013 Pictures (August)

Sister is on the mend! This morning she woke and asked for a bowl of soup for breakfast. And ate every last bite! I was so encouraged. She'd barely eaten anything, save banana popsicles, since last Friday night.

The children asked me if we were going to burn all their toys. I guess my puzzled expression said it all..."Don't you remember, Mom? In the Velveteen Rabbit? They had to burn all his toys after he had scarlet fever!" I assured them we would only burn a select few. Ha. Kidding.

I'm going to try to wrap up these "year end" updates a little faster. I didn't intend to spread this out into February.

Happy Friday, y'all! Pictures (August) Pictures (August)


  1. Glad she is better! Briggs had scarlet fever once and it was scary; he was so sick. I have been going to CBS and have met some of the sweetest girls and have also connected with some of the ones you told me about. Thank you so much for helping me get connected! Still wish y'all were here:)

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news!! Praying that the rest of you escape it!!

    Much Love,

  3. i am SO glad she is better and i love it when children prove to us adults how accurate and beautiful their memories are... the velveteen rabbit reference is priceless!