Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little Time Away

Hello, friends! We recently made a little trip to see the fam. While there, The Engineer got to hang an heirloom...a chandelier that's been in the family for a very long time. (Might I add that he re-wired it prior to hanging! 'Cause he rocks like that!)

Out went the ceiling fan and in went the chandelier...that I neglected to take a picture of.

The children spent time with their great-grands.

Sister even did a little reading for Grandpa.

I think he was impressed.

After our visit with fam (which also included Mama taking me and The Engineer to see Les Miserables - WOW!!! My favorite book ever and now my favorite musical ever. I sobbed. So precious. So touching!), we headed to Vidalia, Georgia, where The Engineer worked for the week. Little Bit hung back with the grands. Major blessing!

Sister, Little Man, and I spent a few hours one day on a ranch. The kids got to grind corn and feed birds.

We got a wagon ride behind a tractor...

We got to feed buffalo. Uh-huh. They were really that close.

Check out that tongue. Your eyes aren't fooling you. It was green. Little Man was a bit too fearless for me... and the owner, who grabbed his hand to assist.

We got to feed deer.

Sister was a natural.

Little Man, on the other hand, curled his fingers when feeding them and got a little nibble, so the kind folks at the ranch stepped in to assist, once more.

Their website said they treat you like family. They weren't kidding. Little Man found a golf ball near the garden and asked for a lesson...and got one. I got a lesson on growing tomatoes...and we got to see a lot, lot, lot of animals. All in all, a fun afternoon!

While away, we continued to school. 

Lunch in the hotel room is always a hit, as is "cable tv." (Which makes me think of the word tee vee, like it was spelled in The Help, which was fantastic, read it until 12:30 two nights in a row...)

Here the children are each holding a piece of twine cut the length of a cubit (approximately 18"). 

They used their twine to measure out the size of Noah's Ark...I could not get over how big that boat was!!! Seeing it marked off like that was phenomenal. Amazing. It really put it in perspective.

Little Man is working on capital and lower case letter recognition, as well as their sounds. 

And Sister just keeps rocking right along.

The highlight of our time away was probably the indoor pool.

The Engineer always makes life so much more exciting. The move you see above is Little Man's "spinning cannon ball." He both named and invented it himself.

By the end of the week, he'd almost perfected it.

Trips like this are wonderful. It is such a blessing to get to travel as a family. Our children have seen and experienced so much in their short lives thanks to the traveling The Engineer has gotten to do, and the fact that we've been able to pack up and go with him. I'm so thankful for these times away. It's a break from cooking, a break from cleaning, a break from stuff at home calling my name. It gives me uninterrupted time to focus on my babies. I am so thankful we get to homeschool... and pick up...and go when we want/need to.


  1. What a fun time away! Love that y'all get to take these exciting little trips together. I saw Les Mis on Broadway with my dad in high school...loved it!!

  2. Yay! So happy for you that you could get away and travel like that. I *love* to travel too! Looking forward to seeing pics of your chandileer as well... I'll bet it is beautiful!

  3. Dantz is sitting with me and she said, "Mom, it's Maggie!" :) Love that the owner had to take Little Man's hand at the ranch. Precious memories you all are making on your travels.

  4. So glad you got to travel with the hubs on his trip! We used to go with Ken all the time too (he's 50% travel in his job). That is one of the hardest parts of the kids going to school outside of our home! Being homebound is hard, especially when he goes places that would be AMAZING to visit and do some "on site" schooling! :)

    Hope you have a great week as you transition back to home life!

  5. What a fun time! Always glad to see a new post.

  6. Okay, I am lovin' the spinning cannonball photos!!!! And, I always love reading about your family's travel adventures; these are days and times that you will always, always treasure.

  7. How FUN Jennifer! SO happy for you to have had that special time together. Yippee...Yahoo!!!

    Love to you!
    Camille xo

  8. Fun post! Can you share the brand of alphabet matching cards you have? They look like something I could use for my kids!