Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh the DRAMA!

Thank y'all...thank you so much...for your sweet comments, your emails, your phone calls...and a few of you approached me in person. Thank you. As I read each comment, I smiled, I laughed, I cried. I feel so loved and encouraged and bathed in prayer. It was a little bit scary...sharing something like that - that's so close to our hearts. Your loving response makes me so thankful to the Lord for you. What a blessing and encouragement during a hard season of our lives! I don't say it well enough. You encourage me. You make me seek His face. You remind me that His plan is good and that that is where we want to be. Even when it hurts. Thank you, sweet friends. I really, really appreciate you.

Back to the daily grind. Made this chicken the other night. It's a staple at our house and has been for a few years. Anna forever changed our lives when she posted that recipe! And Publix kicked things up a notch with these colorful baby taters. 

Little Man really wants to shave his head, so he can be "like a army man and Mr. Josh." Mr. Josh is a friend who is rather bald and shaves what little remains. Because his (Little Man's) mother won't let him shave his head, he spiked it, like a certain male cousin of ours. Nice. 

Since the island entered our lives, dinner prep...lunch prep too, look a little bit like this.

I keep a basket stocked with the girls' cooking supplies. I say the girls...really, it's mostly just Little Bit these days. It's funny, about the time Sister stopped "cooking," Little Bit started.

Anyhow, it's stocked with play foods...some cloth and some plastic, dishes, pots and pans...a little of this, a little of that...

And a fantastic three tiered cake stand filled with colorful wooden pastries with toppings that swap out!

And so as I prepare our meals, Little Bit takes her place along the bottom shelf of the island and she too, prepares hers. She still isn't talking much, for instance, today she would point to her leg and authoritatively tell you "doo-doo" (which makes the children giggle), but really she means "boo boo," but she'll often bring me a pot of something, and with a proud smile on her face, tell me, "Hot!" 

It makes me so happy to have her little self cooking alongside me. And the arrangement is quite pleasing.

Oh the drama this morning held! All before 9:30, too!

We began breakfast and school outside a little after 7:30. Sister had a very loose tooth...hanging on by a thread very loose tooth. And loose teeth cause a LOT of drama. Tears. Long debates that go like this: "Should I pull it? But I'm not sure. Here, you pull it, but if I start saying 'ow!' then you have to stop. No wait, just wiggle it first. Ok, no, I don't want you to pull it. Do you think it will hurt? I'm just not sure what I should do. This is SO hard!" All interspersed with tears.

Little Man came out a little late and cried because there wasn't time left for him to eat outside.

On a side note, I did notice the light changing in the house...a welcome sign that fall is coming!

Little Bit woke early this morning. Sister helped Little Bit into her high chair and in the process, Sister's loose tooth got knocked out. She made quite a production of coughing and spitting blood. Like I said. Drama.

Little Bit was out of sorts. And defiant. And when corrected, cried and cried and cried. (Above photo is just a temper tantrum she threw...) She cried so much in fact, that she threw up all over her adorable smocked dress and the chair she was sitting on...which happened to be the chair Little Man normally uses for homeschool. Since I wasn't sure if the vomit was cry-induced, I left her in her diaper for the morning.

Trying to do school, loosing teeth, throwing up, lots of temper tantrums and tears...and did I mention we were keeping a friend's two year old? She plastered her sweet self against the wall and stared. She's an only child. I think the drama was a bit much for her. (I smile.) 

Yesterday Little Man told Sister, "since I'm the third (as in, not a Junior, but a III), I deserve everything in the world." 

She set him straight. 

Happy Thursday to you!


  1. I am cracking up because EC's tooth drama sounds just like sister's. I keep thinking about how many more teeth she still has to lose. Does it get any easier?

  2. Your children are too funny! Praying for you friend!

  3. And all before 9:30. That is too funny. I am looking forward to similar adventures. I think. Love how your baby is cooking with you!

  4. Love your little cook, I have a couple over here too! Looks like an island definitely helps... Praying for you sweet friend and looking forward to seeing you real soon!

  5. Oh, we've definitely had our share of drama this week too... let's just say that third grade is kickin' us, rather hard, in the booty. Hello, Friday, so nice to see you!

    I love, love, love how you've brought play cooking into the kitchen rather than putting it in the playroom at a play kitchen set. Such a great way to interact with Little Bit while you work on dinner! And, I love the simplicity of simply using the low shelf of the island -- takes up a lot less space than a big play set. I am ALL OVER the way you guys do play cooking; I'm already envisioning Sister doing the same with me in our kitchen.

    We let our oldest shave his head ever summer (he didn't do it this summer). A bit shocking at first but we get used to it and it's cute.

    I'm noticing the light change too. Hallelujah!

  6. Play cooking was my favorite as a little girl. I can hardly resist buying Laurie kitchen toys, even though she has a while to go before she will enjoy them {but not too long}.

    Tooth drama...I totally get it. I have a problem-tooth that's been bugging me on and off for YEARS. Sometimes tooth drama does not get any better as we get older ---ha!

    Thanks for your awesome comment on my art post. I knew you would be a kindred spirit in your art-love.

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