Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Form Meets Function

Last night was loooooong. Little Bit is sick. She threw up so many times we finally moved a chair into the shower. I sat there and held her and leaned over each time she vomited. 

I think we showered four times before she was completely finished. I heard her about six this morning...this time it wasn't thrown up...and it was everywhere...all over her sheets, the crib rails, her arms and face. It was bad. I had to pray and ask God to help me not throw up. Oh these days. 

So I'm really thankful we built some extra days into our school year. We're taking one today. Because I am just about worthless and the house smells like lysol and clorox and I just hope we don't pass this bug around. I heard two more children from the church nursery are down with the same thing. Nice. Share the love, baby!

A few weeks ago I tip toed into Sister's room long after she'd fallen asleep. Do you see what I saw? A full moon, perfectly framed.

And my sweet baby girl...

snuggled in and sleeping soundly. 

Good night moon.

A little wagon action on the driveway.

The Engineer and I are attempting to teach ourselves guitar. It's been fun. I can't feel my fingertips which is really weird. He's catching on much faster than I am. Muscle memory. It's coming.

She so wants to be part of the action!

School has been going really well. We've read Joni Eareckson Tada's biography - the kids ATE this one up! Like - Sister woke me at 6:45 on a Saturday morning begging me to read more of it. Next we read The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle. I know this one is a classic - it just didn't hold my interest. Sister enjoyed it. Little Man could take it or leave it. I was glad when we finished it. Yesterday we started Bruchko. I may have to edit this one a bit, but thus far, the children are enamored.

The suckers were a gift from a babysitter...ahhhh...the perks of homeschooling!

Sister is rocking the calendar. Little Man is catching on. 

We're counting by twos and tens. Exciting stuff.

Hope your Tuesday is great! And here's to containing this virus!


  1. sleepless nights with a sick baby.....i feel your pain! praying your child is better--TODAY!

  2. Hoping she is over the virus hump and praying that you all don't get it. (us too) :) Glad school is going great for you too! Can't wait to hear more about the guitar lessons.

  3. Oh bless your heart. What a long night! Praying the rest of your family stays well.

    And what a dreamy little girl room!

  4. Oh man...so sorry she's sick. Hope she is better by now and that no one else gets it.

    Sister's room is magical and how cool to get that shot of the moon :)

    I love Joni's story.

  5. I am so sorry about little bit. I hurt for what you had to endure last night...and bless her little bones, too. I know that middle-of-the-night wakeup cry and vomit EVERYWHERE. 4 sheet changes, sleep on the floor of the bedroom, multiple baths. Ick. So sorry.

    And hopefully you will laugh...when I read "Do you see what I saw? A perfectly framed moon." I was looking for a naked bottom. For real. Where is my brain?

  6. Hope your baby feels better! I love knowing what you are reading to your kids. It helps me find some direction for our own reading!

  7. oh, i hope y'all are all feeling completely well, soon. we have been living the same pain here, in texas. the chair in the the tub is genius!! i will have to file that away for next time. because, with the stomach bugs, there is always a next time :( take care!

  8. Sister's room is... magical. Truly.

    I'm sorry about IT. I will remember the chair in the shower tip for the day when IT visits us.

    The lollipops complement your spools of thread perfectly. Lovely.

  9. Sweet, sweet post my friend. So sorry about your baby girl...nasty business!! Emma had *it* E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. too one time...oh YUCK!!! I send you lots of love and a BIG hug today.

    You are doing a GREAT job!


  10. Did you cut your hair?? Just hopped back and noticed.....

  11. So sorry Little Bit is sick..hope she's feeling better and that the rest of you will manage to escape it. Those bugs are something fierce! I love the shots of Sister's room. I don't think you've ever shown it before, and it's so sweet.

  12. Stomach flu is the *worst*, for sure! Yuck! I'll pray that no one else gets sick! {{{{hugs}}}} The guitar with hubbie looks like great fun! Yay! Hope your Thursday is better! Get some extra rest, ok?