Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breakin' It Down

Saturday, April 2nd started off slow. Two little kiddos were so worn out they were difficult to wake...until they remembered...

it was somebody's birthday!

Even then, it was hard to wake.

Of course, starting your birthday off by opening a gift in bed helps!

This tree was at Fort Pulaski. Suffice it to say, I was the only one interested in photo opps. Never got a shot of both of them with their eyes open. Still, it's a sweet memory.

We learned all about loading and firing and even "aiming" cannons. It was fascinating. Little Man wowed us all with his four year old awesomeness first by letting everyone during a quiet demonstration know he needed to potty, and once we returned, having rushed the entire time so as not to miss the actual firing of the cannon, he lobbed a nut towards the confederate soldier (who is actually from the North) who was doing the demonstration. We're obviously really super parents.

I love that Little Man put his hand over his heart. {Side note: We painted today and Little Man painted "de war at Canada." - After a little questioning, he clarified, "it's de war at Fort Pulaski and dese are de cannon bawls dat hit de port. And dis is a Army man and his bride." Sweet.}

They were HILARIOUS exploring. Both were just certain they would discover a hidden passage or secret room. (I feed the curiosity - I love hidden passages and the like and have made such suggestions at, ahem, opportune times.)

As they examined the lock, I asked them what they thought might be hidden away in there. Sister wasn't sure...

With conviction, Little Man said, "That's where they keep the nursin' women." 

While a horse and buggy ride was out of the question ($), we did get to pet this beauty. Sister loves animals and I think, could have stood there stroking his neck all day.

We made our way to the Peacemaker. Very awesome.

The children's excitement and curiosity was equaled by our own.

I kept thinking about the book The Maggie B by Irene Haas. It is a favorite of mine from childhood and is about a little girl whose wish to sail on a boat named after herself for a day comes true. She spends the day sailing with her brother James. LOVE it! And I could see it with Sister and Little Man.

That night we hung out on the Riverwalk. And our kids were a scream. Here you see them in action breaking out their best moves. It was some semblance of ballet and breakdance wannabe. After a bit, we headed further down and noticed a crowd had gathered. 

Which is when we happened upon this.

And after a few minutes of watching, they stopped for a break. Sister encouraged Little Man to get out there in front of the crowd and show off his skills. He would take a few steps and run back. Finally, he worked up the nerve to go ask the pros how they did it.

And much to my surprise, they happily showed him a thing or two.

I mean really, how precious is that?

Those guys were so sweet to my baby.

And even wished him a happy birthday.

When the show was over and we headed on, Little Man turned around and shouted, "You guys are de coolest in de whole world!"

And truly, they were very cool.

And so we made our way up from the Riverwalk towards Bay Street.

We'd made a promise we needed to keep.

 Regardless of the fact that it was 10pm, and rather chilly, we let 'em strip down to their suits and play in the fountain. SO. MUCH. FUN!

As I look back through the pictures, I am reminded how blessed we have been to get to travel with The Engineer. His travels, while difficult, have also been a tremendous blessing to our family and marriage and the opportunities that have come with working away - incredible! I am so thankful. So very thankful.


  1. What funny children you have! We love Savannah...such a beautiful city!

  2. Go ahead Little Man! I love those of him with the dancers! So many wonderful memories....

  3. Lock up them nursing women!! :) So funny, you really are super parents, I laughed at all the funny things your cute children said and did.
    I love the fact that you let them play in the water that late. That's what memories are made of. I'm trying to say yes more and hold to my word better!

  4. It's a homeschooler's dream! Taking advantage of every opportunity is so important.

    I loved the pics of the breakdancing. So sweet that they included Little Man!


  5. What a blessing that you are able to travel with hubby on business as a family...really, it is! But, I DO understand the challenges...really, I do!

    GREAT photos!


    P.S. When does business bring you all here?? :)

  6. Oh, those nursin' women. Always gettin' rowdy.

    Oh, I love it! And I love to see families spending time together. It's the best, isn't it?

  7. What fantastic photos! I especially like the one with Sister "snuggling" Little Man's head :) And the last one, well that makes me cold just looking at it! I'm sure it was warmer where you were but we got snow again today. Man!