Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh the Fun!

We've got several more days of homeschooling under our belts. The time is flying by and I am more convinced now, than ever, that we are right where God would have us be. I'm not saying it's easy, just that there is peace here.

I am rejoicing in the unique opportunities schooling at home provides. We continue to tackle domestic projects, one of the more recent being crepes made from scratch. If you've never made crepes, you should totally give it a shot. I'm not a pancake fan, but I love these! I think they're rather impressive looking, but don't let that fool you. They are super easy! (I will always FONDLY remember the look on The Engineer's face when we'd only been married a few days, classes had started, and I made crepes for him...our apartment was still so full of wedding gifts and stuff to put away that we had no where to sit, but on the floor. I carried in that tray laden with crepes and coffee and you'd have thought he'd died and gone to heaven.)

Sister and I filled ours with diced bananas, diced strawberries, and we sprinkled sliced almonds and powdered sugar on top - of course, with a drizzle of syrup!

We've also been busy making dollies.

I wanted to put them on barrettes...

but Sister won't have any of that! "No! They are best friends!!!" She's even made a set for Little Man - one is in fact, Little Man, and the other is a friend of his. They (the rope dolls) sleep on the bedside table between Sister and Little Man's beds. They also come to school with us. In fact, they go everywhere with us.

I've been teaching our children to play UNO!

And. They. LOVE. It.

There is a history here! We (sisters and cousins) used to play UNO with our grandmother up at the lake. Oh the nights we gathered in the living room after dinner and played UNO. The insane rhymes we made up as children! (Draw two...Boo Boo!) I smile simply remembering. Those were sweet times. Rich, sweet moments of childhood innocence I treasure.

Little Man's been getting some daddy time in with The Engineer. They took apart the broken waffle iron. Couldn't be fixed. Something with the "circus" board! But that's okay. Little Man kept the "witch" and the "circus board." (He, ahem, actually slept with the "circus board.") He felt pretty important, taking it apart with dad and all.

The Engineer continues to wow me with his talents and abilities...recently those include putting a trailer hitch on my car. And rewiring/wiring the lights...and stopping half way through to repair a bike.

Sister came out in these boots (just got these...they're low cut...not sure I can pull that off?!) and my tank, with her skirt..."Mom, if you decide not to keep these boots, I want them." M'kay. Guess I'm keepin' 'em.

Do I need to say anything?

Houston, we have a problem. Little Bit lifted it to her mouth. I told her no, but she proceeded. I figured one taste and it would be over. No more. I was wrong. She seems to like the taste of bar soap. She pulled it out, rolled her tongue around, took another lick...and then BIT it. TWICE. And had a hissy fit when I took it from her. Let's hope this taste for soap changes by the time she starts sassing.

We went home last weekend for one see some sweet friends from high school. Lots of good the Waffle House...sort of on a double date...back in the was WONDERFUL to see them! And to meet their little boy! They've been working out of the country for a few years so it's been a while. I brought my camera and DIDN'T TAKE A SINGLE SHOT. Ugh.

When we got ready to head home, we stopped to get something to drink and the car wouldn't go into drive. We made lots of calls. We read the manual. We prayed. We asked God to provide a way for The Engineer to make the needed repair...whatever it might be. And just after we finished praying, and after crawling under the car and peering down under the hood, after pushing the brake, and searching for some "linkage," he found the problem. A blown fuse. $3 later, we were on our way...with a bunch of extra fuses! That was pretty sweet, seeing God provide like that - and seeing the children see God provide like that. Very neat.

And a good start to the day. Coffee. Alone. In the quiet early hours. While the children sleep. And the dogs are still and content. The phone doesn't ring. The world seems still.


  1. Ashley and I want to come do a school day at your house! I especially love the domestic lessons.....and think I may be due for a few! I have a crepe maker but never have used it. Do you use a small skillet or a crepe maker? Do you have the recipe you used??? I would like to try them! All these questions and more are in my brain today- AND Virginia and I are doing little clothespin dolls for our Friday craft. I hope they turn out as cute as yours! May the name of Christ be exalted in your home today and I pray that he gives you great JOY in your mothering and teaching. love, Denise

  2. We love to make blini, a Russian version of crepes. Orthodox Russians observe a very strict fast during Lent, and are not able to eat meat, dairy, or any animal products during the entire period. Since we're both Russophiles (not Orthodox, though), we always have blini on Fat Tueaday. Blini, which are loaded with eggs and butter, were a rich food to eat to use up the goodies before Lent began. They are traditionally filled with jam, applesauce, or a sort of pie-fillingesque mixture. Eat them warm, with sour cream smeared over them - all good Eastern European food is always smothered in sour cream - and eat as many as you can. But I'll warn you - you may love them more than crepes, even!

  3. We used to play Uno with our grandparents too! Brilliant! And the Crepes look so darn yummy. And the dollies are totally genius. What an awesome day you've had!

    ps. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments. It's always cool to make new blogger friends who have such lovely blogs to browse! Have a lovely weekend x

  4. little one, too, has a palate for soap. what's up with that?

    love ya sis!

  5. I.Love.Your.Blog. Beautiful, Beautiful Family!

  6. Can I move into your house and you can homeschool me?!

    I have to say, it is so invigorating for me to read about how God is blessing your homeschool days, and how happy you all are in doing it (although I know it's hard).

    I love the dollies. Sorry they didn't make it to the hair barrettes but enjoy the creativity your children are expressing in making and playing with them.

    Sister with her outfits make. me. laugh!

    My oldest ate a fly when he was Little Bit's age and then got mad at me when I dug it out of his mouth.

    Happy Weekend!

  7. How fun that you are having FUN! As always, the photos say it all. Lovely post Jenn! :)

    With Love,

  8. Jessica does the same thing with my shoes, "Mom, can I wear these when I grow up?"

    Lily found a bar of soap two days ago and started to chew on it. Took her awhile to figure out that it really didn't taste too good! LOL!

    So funny! I asked Josh what he wanted for his birthday breakfast and he said "Crepes!" I hate making them, but oh, they are sooo good with homemade jams and whipped cream. My kids adore crepes! the trick is to make a triple batch, stand there for an hour with two pans and cooking them and then after they cook, freeze them in batches that are good for your family size. Then you can pull them out the night before and have crepes without all that work!

  9. Ah, the peace. That's all that really matters, right? Life is often harder than we'd choose, but peace in the midst? Such confirmation we're right where God would have us.

    Praise Him.

    (ps-love, love the dollies!)