Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

Today was a one step forward, three steps back kind of day.

I accidentally and unknowingly threw a dirty diaper in the washing machine. Didn't realize my mistake until it was a bit too late.

For seven years we've dealt with a finicky dishwasher. Sometimes gently pushing the start button worked, sometimes you had to bang the stew out of it. Sometimes opening and closing the door worked, other times you had to stand just so and hold your breath. Well...after seven years of this, she's finally completely and utterly, officially FINISHED. Done.

The new dishwasher should arrive a week from today.

In the meantime, I'm hand washing. It's taken me back to the first two years we were married and livin' on love and hand washing dishes...which looks drastically different with three children.

I'm also realizing what a blessing and privilege having a dishwasher is. And I regret my ungrateful heart attitude about, of all things, having to load/unload a dishwasher. I will be very happy to load/unload a dishwasher come next Thursday.

Homeschooling is still going wonderfully. This morning Sister and I dropped Little Bit and Little Man off at MDO/school and headed for a 9:10 dental appointment, with plans to start school around 10. We left nearly two hours later. I have learned a hard lesson. NO MORE DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENTS on Thursday mornings. I so look forward to Thursdays because Sister and I have sweet one on one time. Today, the morning was gone. We rushed through school. We didn't do a special project, as planned (we were going to make homemade chicken salad). It made my heart so sad to rush through everything. However, she kept a cheerful attitude, which encouraged me.

So I'm learning. We're learning...what works and what doesn't work. I went to the grocery Tuesday night because I can't figure out how to fit that in during the day. I don't like going at night and missing out on that time with the we're figuring it out. We're learning and there are kinks, but oh my, it's SO WORTH IT! I promise you I see a sweetness in Sister that hasn't been there in a long time. Not that she hasn't been precious and sweet all along, there's just a certain tenderness that we're seeing a lot more of. We're thankful.

Earlier this week we took on another sewing project. I'd bought several camisoles from Target a while back. So...I got the jar of fabric scraps, my pincushion, and one of those camisoles and turned Sister loose. She pawed through the scraps and picked her favs.

She laid them out just so, pinned 'em on, asked me to cut out a few things - you know, like hearts...and then had me stitch them on exactly where she'd placed them.

She designed and cut out a belt to go with her ensemble...forget hemming. Who has time for such things?

She certainly has a way with fabrics and patterns.

And a confidence from which I am seeking to learn.

A few months ago I'd taken her to the fabric store to pick out material for yet another outfit (see pants above). I let her pick. She made some choices I wasn't totally on board with. I asked the owner what she thought, hoping for a little "back-me-up." She looked at Sister, then at me, and said, "if you're going to let her design it, I think you should let her design it." So I did. And I think the pants turned out just darling.

When Sister finished the top, she insisted it would go well with the pants, but the camisole wasn't meant for wearing out. She looked a little naked up there. So in about five minutes flat (because she really wanted to wear her new outfit to church) we whipped up some makeshift sleeves. We're in agreement they need a bit of tweaking, but they worked for last night...and today, because she insisted on wearing it again! If only I'd gotten a shot of the high heel camo rainboots she wore with it.

The girl's got style.


  1. So sorry about the dishwasher situation! I hear ya! :) But, I am not getting a new one next week...and it's my fault. I have to decide on colour as it seems the colour all my appliances are is no longer available...hand washing has been done by boy #1 mostly, so I really cannot complain! I am sure you will be "over the moon" when the new one arrives and does a great job for you! :)

    AND...I am so glad you are enjoying homeschool...warms my heart. :)

    How fun that your girl is so creative with the fabrics...cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    With Love,

  2. Clorox makes a washing machine cleaner that will make your washer smell nice and clean... I can imagine yours isn't doing all that well right now. :) Sister looks adorable.

  3. I'm going to have to make me a snappy top like that. And don't think I won't do it!

  4. Sorry about the dishwasher, but a great reminder if being thankful. I usually sigh when I open it and it's full if clean dishes and I can't throw in some dirty ones.

    I've washed (and dried) a wet diaper (wierd gel stuff everywhere) but never a dirty one. So sorry!! Not fun!

    I think it's such a blessing that MW likes to sew! How I would love to have a little girl who shares that love with me!! You are very blessed! So glad school is still going well! This morning the three of us acted out the moon rotating around the earth and the earth rotating around the sun. I was the moon and thought I would be sick before we were done! Good times!!

  5. Love the pink fabric with the little bits of paisley. Can I borrow your daughter to take fabric shopping with me? She has some great taste!

  6. I know so well what you mean when an appliance stops working. Our brandnew washing machine (two weeks old) quit working. I had to wait over a week to get a new one. I will never complain about laundry again!

    Cute outfit! She has the designer's eye, like her mama.

    It sounds like homeschooling is going so well for you. I've learned to keep all my appointments in the afternoon. It is just too disruptive.

    Blessings, Friend!

  7. MY dishwasher died last week too! I've been hand-washing and actually enjoying it... very surprising, I must say.

    Love the fancy pants on Sister.