Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little House

It has been a long and wonderful, non-stop summer. And it's almost over.

We've traveled nearly the entire month of July and home has never been sweeter. Just before we hit the road, my computer began showing signs of death. I stand amazed and with a thankful heart for God's timing. With only two weeks left of my Apple Care plan, I dropped her off at an Apple Store and at no additional cost to me, had her insides "re-worked." She's got a new hard drive, cooling fan, and cd/dvd player. However, I was left with lots of photos I wanted to post.

Like, Sister's birthday party.

The theme: Little House.

I dressed up as Ma, T as Pa, Little Man as Almonzo, and Little Bit as Carrie. Scout was Jack. A few friends joined us. The girls made paper dolls. We free-handed their figures with cardstock and the girls used fabric scraps and tube paints to decorate.

While the dolls dried, they all donned some Little House-esque dress up clothes. Shortly thereafter I heard screaming and giggling and the pounding of little feet running and went to investigate. Little Man had his wooden pump action shot gun and was chasing and shooting the girls. Uh-huh. Nice.

I rescued them and we went downstairs for an episode of Little House and popcorn balls and lemonade for appetizers. (Served in tea cups, of course.)

And then dinner. Sister planned the menu: hot dogs, oyster crackers (because Pa had bought these for his girls for Christmas, but got stuck in a blizzard and had to eat them), corn on the cob, twizzlers, and ice cream cake for dessert. (See those tissue paper puff-ball flowers? My Sister made them and sent them to us...PRECIOUS, sweet Sister!)

Between courses, we danced a jig in the kitchen. T turned up the fiddlin' music and the girls joined hands and round and round we went!

But, what got the most giggles was each girl taking a turn standing on top of the vent and watching her dress puff out with air! I think someone stood on the vent throughout most of dinner.

We ended the lovely evening by opening a few gifts and then we took the girls home. They had me and Mom rolling...I'm not sure how it started, but each girl took a turn writing her name and phone number on a napkin for each of the other girls. Their conversations were something like this, "Ok, tell your mom that my mom's name is Mrs. Jones and that I'm her daughter and that you met me at Sister's party." (Never mind the fact that all these mamas know each other.)

It was a sweet night - one I didn't want to forget.


  1. I absolutely LOVE how y'all seem to achieve fantastic birthday celebrations that are simple and sweet! That's what my parties were like when I was little...playing Mother May I and Pin the Tail on the Donkey and making S'mores in the oven. So fun! And so much better than outlandish affairs at the hot spot du jour!

  2. How precious! I agree with the comment above-I remember birthdays where we ate cake (that my mom made in a square cake pan) at the kitchen table. Dressing up, pin the tail on the donkey, games. That was a birthday party!

  3. Oh "Little House" was always my favourite!! I watched every episode and read every book...over and over again! See...we ARE "kindred spirits"! ;-)

    Happiest of belated birthdays to your girl! Looks/sounds like a FABULOUS birthday! :)

    AND...I missed you while you were gone! BUT...I trust you have had a WONDERFUL summer break and have returned home refreshed!

    With Love,

    P.S. One of the children pulled your name from the "prayer basket" last night and we prayed for you...thought you'd like to know. :)

  4. Fun, fun, fun! Love it! I have a local friend whose daughter had a "little house" party a few years ago... she had all those little girls churning butter! I love the paper doll activity/craft, perfect! I'm tucking this birthday idea away for future reference.

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