Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's All in the Bones

I have a little watercolor that's pretty special to me. It's one of two T bought for me while we were in Italy. It's sat upright and protected between two boards for nearly two years. I knew I wanted a pretty frame, but have you priced frames!? Whew.

While the kiddos were gone, we frolicked through nearly every thrift store in town. I happened upon an old, ugly, dinged up, brown frame. But the bones were there. Ticket price: $3. When I pulled out my cash, the girl at the register said, "I'll only charge you $2." Even better!

I took her home, pulled out some craft paints, and went to work. I broke all the rules, thank you very much for the encouragement, Nester! I didn't sand. I didn't prime. I just painted.

And then I found a large brown thick piece of paper from my stash and mounted (with scotch tape) the water color to it, and slapped it in the frame. Sans any glass. I even hung it using my floral wire...'cause I had it on hand...wrapped between the original mounting hook and an already existing staple and wha-la!

I'm thrilled with the end result. Every time I walk in the living room and see it, I smile and the memories flood my mind!

I realize a frame seems quite trivial in the grand scheme of life, but once again, God has shown me how very much He is "in the details." The frame, the price, the perfect size, my desire for a frame, and because the children were away, the time to execute. God is big. So big, He's in every single detail. Even the ones that seem menial and insignificant.

"And even the hairs on your head are all numbered."~Matthew 10:29


  1. Yes, yes! God is SO big... and yet He makes Himself so little to weave His presence into the intricate details of our lives.

    I love your frame, and the painting is beautiful. We bought a watercolor in Italy too. I treasure it.

  2. Love it! you are so creative and talented!!

  3. this is so my kind of project and my kind of framing. I never hardly do glass and I always buy my frames from the flea market. Character... the best thing you can buy!

    Looks so pretty in your home!

  4. You continue to amaze me, "Martha"! You need your own show.

    Very pretty and creative, too!

  5. Amen! :) And your picture is lovely! I miss you SO much...

  6. The nester inspires me, too--gorgeous job! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  7. Wow! The frame looks great and for $2! Very impressive.