Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And then...

After the husband and I had that wonderful week to ourselves, we joined the children and spent several nights with the grands.

During which I saw my first 3-D movie...The Last Airbender. Now THAT was an act of love on my part. T's tank is surely FULL.

Little Bit didn't walk while we were away, HOORAY!!! But she is increasingly mobile and daring.

T and his brother sifted through boxes of transformers? Not really sure - guy stuff - and matchbox cars. Little Bit found those ugly men most entertaining. (And tasty.)

And the matchbox cars, too.

We had the most wonderful lunch on the road on the way home...Whataburger.



And whatasucker. (Her first.)

And when we got home...


You'll never guess who figured out a way to jiggle the locks on his ginormous kennel to get out???

You'll never guess who had his own little partay???

You'll never guess who ate my needlepoint pillows??? (That I bought for a steal...but it's the replacement cost!!!)

You'll never guess who pottied in several places???

You'll never guess who pulled the pillows off the guest bed???

You'll never guess who pulled all the stuffing out of one of my pillows???

You'll never guess who ate my moss covered rocks???

You'll never guess who ripped T's Star Wars poster off the playroom wall?

You'll never guess who tore up the little mink (or maybe rabbit) stole that had been our dear, sweet neighbors - it had been a gift to Sister...???

Guess who???

That precious little blessing who just turned one.

Our sweet neighbors who were caring for the pups in our absence cleaned it up. They even had to employ a spackling knife to scrape up the, ahem, mess Warrior left on the carpet upstairs.

That is love.

This will NOT happen again. Thank you very much. Five carabiners later, with BOTH kennel openings secure, I am not worried.

And if it does happen again, Warrior's hide would make a nice little bedside rug. Actually, I think it would look kind of nice in the kitchen.

And I'm not sure what to make of my response. I was just like, "Whatever. Whatever." My blood didn't boil and rise over the top. I didn't yell. Didn't cry. I was just very quietly like, "whatever." And I proceeded to pick up the rest of the fill that was scattered here and there, to launder the dirty pillow case, etc, to roll up the poster, in general, to clean up the bits and pieces that were left. And T was so apologetic and insisted I immediately begin looking for replacement pillows. Unfortunately those were probably a once in a lifetime find. That's ok. I've just added them to my mending pile. If nothing else, the mended rips will be a reminder that it's just stuff.

Happy day to you!


  1. Good attitude! I'm proud of you. That would be tough and I think my blood would be boiling. I need to work on that;)

    I'm so glad your little one didn't walk while you were away. What a blessing!

  2. Oh my what a dog! We had our dog get out when we were out of town but thankfully we only had bathroom messes to clean up! She is a Dachshund though so she can't reach many things! Bless your heart!

  3. What a precious heart you have J! The LORD really does shine through you...one day at a time...moment by moment...HE leads us gently along. :) Oh. Dear. Me. I think if one wants to learn patience and be greatly sanctified one should obtain a WARRIOR! LOL!

    Enjoy these days with your children...they really are wonderful gifts from the LORD! :)

    With Love,

  4. Oh, J! So sorry about Warrior's destruction-bad boy! I go through things like this with ours too-some times it just sends me over the edge, and other times I can handle it with grace. God is surely working in your heart if you handled it like that! :D THe kids all look so precious and I know you must be recharged and ready to take on whatever else is thrown at you as a mom!
    When will you all start homeschooling this year? And, will Little Man be doing that too-or waiting a year?

  5. We love whataburger!

    I do believe Warrior is a means for effective sanctification in your life!

  6. J, wow, so sorry, but I'm glad you have a good attitude about. Yes it is stuff, YOUR stuff, but its stuff. You can look at the pillows, with t he mended rips and think while Warrior was tearing these up, we were making so many memories with the kids at the grands house. I know it can be tiresome with a dog that keeps on testing your boundaries but Warrior just happens to be a "special" dog that may never grow out of this. And you just have to love and accept him for who he is...the big partying, pillow destroying, carpet pooping machine that he is. Acceptance is a hard thing do. I know, we're there with our dog too. Love yall!!

  7. Sorry about the mess, I wish I could have the same reaction as you... it may take some work! I think Little Bit has the most beautiful eyes, what a sweetheart!

  8. Oh J! You poor dear - Warrior is such a mess!!! I cannot believe the destruction. The other morning, I woke to let the boys out and stepped right into doggie throw-up! So, this pregnant girl gagged herself back to bed and drug Mr. T out to clean it up!!! Oh, and one more thing - let's meet at Whataburger sometime! Ha! We LOVE that place :-)

  9. J, we have been struggling with our dogs this summer too. It seems like they have forgotten all of their house training and we have started having daily inspections to see if they have messed anything else up. Hope your doggie remembers his manners soon!