Sunday, March 21, 2010

Totally Fused

These little fusion kits have been piling up in our craft area for the last few years. Typically, Sister's interest lasted about, um, five seconds, at which point she became utterly frustrated and called it quits. I'm not sure what has happened, I suppose it might be attributed to the fact that my little girl is becoming a big girl, but in the last few weeks, she can't get enough. She's spent hours at the kitchen table making patterns and designs. Little Man plays, too. I'm surprised by his determination, but of course, anything she does, he wants to do, too. While they've placed their beads, I've read aloud to them from On the Banks of Plum Creek. I feel certain we'll finish it this week! Slowly, but surely, we're making our way through the Little House books. They are treasures!

Sister has also had two grand weeks of Dr. Seuss. If you talk to her, she'll tell you, "his real name is Theodore, but his friends called him Ted."

My MIL came for a visit last weekend and gave a helping hand with the children...they were still mending, but not quite well. T worked all weekend, so her company and help was very much appreciated. I mean, who stays up past midnight talking with their MIL? (me.)

She did an egg hunt for the children.

To say they were ecstatic might be an understatement. (Note Little Man's shirt...backwards...but, he did put it on himself...and I am all about some self sufficiency!)

I love spring! It's like God paints our little corner of the world with glorious colors and smells. It is fantastic and most welcome. Every spring a little mama bird makes her nest in the hanging basked on our door and every spring she lays several precious little eggs in that nest. Each time we open the front door, she darts a few feet away and keeps a watchful eye from atop a column. And every spring, we hear the chirping of those sweet little babies and it is wonderful. (The year Little Man was born, they hatched while I was at the hospital!) She hasn't yet laid her eggs...I suppose that will happen any day now.

A few afternoons ago Sister came running, hollering for me to come RIGHT THEN! I bolted out the door, expecting the worst. By the time I rounded the corner, she was leaning on her rake, all smiles. "Look mom. It's a logo." I looked at it for a second and asked, "the Shell logo?" Oh yes. It makes me so happy to see her eye for see her see something I love and am passionate about reflected in my sweet girl. She is so cool.

And who doesn't love a cool fort? Sister and Little Man have logged hundreds of hours out here during Spring Break., from the time we'll let them out, until sunset. (Just ask the neighbors.) They've foraged and collected from our scrap wood, they bummed fabric from our neighbor at the close of her yard sale, and this is what they built. (We helped a little.) They've played "house" and "bad guys." The "Indians" have come. They've traveled to "Winter" and back. They've grown a "garden." They've had children and played "school." They've had a "chocolate factory" complete with a "chocolate river "made by me and Sister and God."" (-'cause God sent the rain...) Sister threw a birthday party for Little Man and Little Bit...complete with cakes and remnants of her bike basket (eaten by Warrior) tied to the "advil" tree (ie: camelia). This afternoon I found them playing "tattoo parlor." They didn't call it that, but that's what they were doing...tattooing one another with mud and sticks. Sister: "How bad do you want a tiger tattoo??? Yell it!!!!!!" Little Man: "GGGRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr!"


  1. I love the Little House books! Your kids are so creative and play so well together-how much age diff in Sister and LM?

  2. Isn't spring break bliss?! Your children are so imaginative and creative... precious! The "Little House books" have been, by far, so our most very favorite read alouds. Loved them... and it was such a treat for me to re-read them!

    I wonder if Sister's sudden interest in the little beading projects is because her fine motor skills have matured enough for her to enjoy them without frustration. I've noticed that developmental strides (or baby steps) are often what spark new interests in my children.

    Enjoy your mama bird!

  3. Looks like they had such fun! We were home over spring break, I should have called you. Maybe we can get together the next time we're home. Leslie

  4. Hey sweet J! I've never commented before, but I've been reading your blog for a while now (I hope you don't mind), and I just love your sweet family! It seems like only yesterday we were awkward high schoolers trying to figure life out. :-) How far we have all come since then! You've no idea how much you have blessed me by offering glimpses into your and T's precious family life, giving your honest insights about the ups and downs of your role as housewife and mother all while serving the Lord. I have truly loved reading! Many times I will be reading, and something you say will just strike a chord with me. You have been a big encouragement to me as I, too, am a SAHM (though with only 1 little instead of 3 ;-) Thanks for sharing, and thanks for letting me read. I don't have a blog of my own, sorry. But you are more than welcome to email any time:

    -Jennifer (Hart) Wendorf

    p.s. your children are adorable! tell T hello for me!

  5. Where do children come up with these things? LOL! A tattoo parlor?!!!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. God uses you so much to encourage me. You make me smile!

  6. J ~ What a fun post! Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I love how you "capture" life! :) The Little House books are my ALL TIME favourites and they are wonderful for the imaginations of our little people. How great that sister and little man were outside ALL THE TIME doing the fort stuff. One question...did they dig a well? That's what my boys did after hearing that PA did it...they got man sized shovels (they were 3 and 5 at the time) and began digging...right over the septic field! We redirected them and they kept at it for at least two days and got the hole deep enough to climb into. They played SO WELL together it was BLISS!! :) Fond precious that you are able to "capture" it all with your camera...oh these days are THE BEST...ENJOY!!


  7. Great photos and stories of your days together. I found you on Camille's website!


  8. Love it! I still remember mom reading us Little House on the porch swing while we ate bing cherries. Good ol'Ted! :) Sweet post! Had a great time tonight. What a treasure! I love our times together. ;0) We need to celebrate your b-day soon!