Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Royal Ball

Friday night we had a Royal Ball.

The children began "decorating" early that know, blowing up balloons, disassembling my favorite note pad and taping half the pages to the door...

...and tucking them into every spot they could find, including drawer pulls, glasses, window sills, etc.

Sister pulled out all the stops with place mats, our finest pewter goblets (filled with ginger ale!), and flower napkin rings. (Everyone got a different place mat and napkin ring...Sister's idea.)

They came up with their own outfits. Scratch that, Sister came up with their outfits. (And mine, too - a long top, black leggings, cowboy boots, long diamond earrings, a green necklace, and LOTS of makeup. I was stylin'!) Sister insisted Little Man wear a white tux. Only, we don't have a size 3 white tux.

Not a problem for Sister.

She custom designed his shirt, matched it to her white velvet jeans, and paired the ensemble with his cowboy boots.

Yes, she drew on the shirt. It reads "the best 1234 royal wedding," written in washable markers. The vertical lines are actually the edges of the tux jacket, in case you missed that.

The lighting was bad, they don't like having their picture taken...but you get the idea.

Prior to dining, we danced to Judy Rogers in the kitchen.

...and then dinner.

It. was. good.

And we all...

had a lot of fun!

Post dinner Little Man requested we tie a balloon to the back of his tux.

And then we did something fairly new. We had the children help with every bit of clean up. They cleared the table, scraped the plates, wiped off place mats, put away napkin rings, dried dishes and helped put away what they could reach, and I even had Little Man sweep the floor. (Should he marry one day, I so want him to be a blessing to his wife as T is to me!)


  1. Can I request Little Man for PP? I've always just assumed I wouldn't let her get married, but I think, since I know he has such sweet parents, that Little Man could be my concession. What a sweetheart with that broom!

    I love your table too!

  2. How fun! Even in the midst of a renovation there is fun to be had! Take every opportunity to relish these days with your kids...and take LOTS of will enjoy the memories!

    I love the black and white pic of the feet of the two of cute! And I agree...your table looks great and the food yummy...too bad we couldn't join you sometime! :)


  3. Too. much. fun! I think sister has a grand future as a fashion designer/party planner. Aren't you SO glad you captured it all with the camera?!

  4. Looks like a blast!

    I'm having Andrew help me with a good many chores too. Usually, he's more of a hindrance than a help, but there are some times that he legitimately helps. Especially with laundry. I just want him to always be used to helping out.

  5. What a wonderful job you are doing raising that little man! My mother in law had all 3 of her sons ask her at least once a day "Mom, is there anything I can do to help you?" (starting at about age 3) and it's a habbit they all still have!

  6. I'm getting better about having the kiddos help me out too.

    They just wanted a tea party, but then they all split as soon as everyone was finished. I called them all back and we cleaned up together. I tell them I'm more willing to do fun things if I can have help cleaning up the mess.

  7. This post made me smile through the entire thing! Your precious children, what a gift they are and I know they loved every minute of the night! And can you send them to my house to clean up after we eat dinner!? Please! Thanks for the email convo last night!

  8. What fun! I SO wish I could have been a little mouse in that house, witnessing each tiny detail being set into place. Daddy and daughter dancing was priceless, and your table is definitely set for a king and queen! (The dinner looked divine. May I have a taste?) This is the heart of America, right here: families celebrating, laughing, and gathering together for special moments like this. I'm sure you and the kids will cherish these memories forever. How precious! Love love LOVE you guys! And missin' you...
    Love, Rebekah

    P.S. This is a long shot, but...Did T get a pic of you in that outfit? :) I would love to see the talent of designer Sister on you! I'm sure you were lovely. Btw, I was showing a friend a pic of you and me and she said you were beautiful. :) I heartily agreed with her!

  9. OH! And I just looked through the pics again and had to smile at Little Man Prince Charming, sucking his thumb with his quirky hat on! Very dashing, indeed. (And MW, nice improvising with the tux! I wouldn't have thought of using Magic Markers as a solution!)

  10. Cinderella would be be proud that there was a Royal Ball and then clean up instead of the other way around! Looks like you may have a fashion designer in the family. I think you should share the pictures of your Royal Ball attire! That is such a great idea that they came up with!