Friday, March 5, 2010

The Get-Away

The husband and I had a little get-away a few weekends ago. We were celebrating, albeit a tad late, our eighth anniversary. My sweet in-laws made the drive to keep the little ones while we hit the road...for THREE NIGHTS!!! (This was a HUGE deal for me...leaving Little Bit...hauling the pump {thank you ingenious husband, cigarette lighter, and very large jacket} was hard to leave!)

Turns out we'd planned our little get-away during "snowmageddon." It was so much fun...until the sixth hour of driving 40mph...but still, six hours in the car, sans the was bliss.

I kept waiting for the "White Witch" and her sleigh to appear from between the trees. Oh. The. Snow. It was like our own little winter wonderland.

We stayed at a B&B that was built in the late 1800s. I had high hopes of taking lots of pics of the original period details, etc. ('Cause we LOVE some old houses!) Turns out the house had gone through lots of transitions, most recently a remodel in the late 80s, complete with popcorn ceilings and the removal of almost all crown molding as well as the removal of a large window on the front of the house, which was replaced with a solid wall of stone... sheer lace curtains were hung on the windows of the front, upstairs room...which was our room. I stood behind the sheers while T took a look from the street. He could see everything. It was a bit awkward. Especially since the house was on the main drag downtown. It was the kind of place where, just before closing your suitcase, you look under the bed to make sure you didn't leave anything, and you're glad you didn't look the first night you were there...'cause it was pretty dirty.

It was also the kind of place ripe with possibility. My mind raced with ideas...

While it wasn't the most authentic or clean place we've ever stayed, it was a WONDERFUL get-away and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

We ate at some AWESOME restaurants...since we don't have cable (or even local channels for that matter), we tuned into some TLC, Discover Channel, and HGTV. We browsed through several antiques stores (T found a great book on wood working techniques). And...we spent most of the daylight hours driving through old neighborhoods, coffee in hand, stalking old houses. We're kind of nerds. And we're okay with that.

The change of scenery, the time away, the time together, the lack of caring for anyone other than ourselves, it was really nice. REALLY nice.

Getting back was really nice, too. We missed those kids. And we're thankful for T's parents, especially his mama, who kept all three solo for the last half. Did I mention we left Sister throwing up? My MIL knew this ahead of time...And. Still. Came. Turns out Sister had a 48 hour bug. Ick. So, a BIG thank you to them!!!

And to T, January 3rd marked our eighth anniversary. These have been THE BEST eight years of my life. Thank you for loving me so well. So. Well. You point me to Jesus. I love you with all my heart. Happy eighth anniversary!


  1. That sounds so fun! I know how hard you work at home, and it was definitely deserved! :D

  2. What a wonderful, wintery treat! So very good to make those sort of moments happen. They are just good for everyone.

  3. How wonderful!! SOOOO happy for you!!! AND how blessed you are to have your T...he is a treasure. Keep on looking to the Lord together and He will continue to make your love grow. Happy eighth anniversary!


  4. happy 8th anniversary! it's SO good you guys could get away-you deserve it! btw, thanks for your sweet comments! :) Love ya!

    P.S. I did a babysitting job about 2 days ago for another family and someone threw up for me too! thankfully, just too much food that night at supper. :)

  5. It is always nice to get away but nice to get home too! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Aren't getaways wonderful?! I know what you mean about car time! I'm so glad you two enjoyed a long weekend of relaxing and celebrating you as two.

  7. How wonderful to be able to get away with your hubby!

    It looks like Narnia there! Beautiful...

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! What fun! We took a trip back over New Years and I had to pump in the car...I found that a large beach towel worked great!! I hope you were refreashed after your trip.