Friday, January 29, 2010

Rollers, Weddings, Bedding, & Jello

We were going to a wedding. Sister wanted her hair rolled. So Little Man did, too.

The wedding was in the afternoon on New Year's Eve....they had dancing. Sister wanted so badly to dance. She begged T, who agreed. He took her hand to lead her to the dance floor, but she pulled the other way. They danced in the back corner...where no one would see.

Little Man, on the other hand, wanted to dance front and center. He asked a seventh grader to dance with him. She agreed. Brave boy. Sweet girl.

Post wedding, we rushed the children to bed and began packing for yet another wedding. The clock struck twelve and I flung soapy dishwater off my hands, ran and laid one on my man, and was back to washing dishes. You know, exciting trip prep.

We left early the next morning, swung through Mom's neck of the woods, forced her into the backseat with the children, and were on our way. (I'm only half-way kidding. She said she wanted to sit back there.)

It was a great weekend. It was the kind of weekend, with the kind of people, who make you want to love Jesus more. We got to see family we rarely see, friends from high school, one of whom had a profound impact on my walk with Christ, as well as a precious couple T's parents had introduced us to a few years back. And I got to hang out with the groom's sister - who. I. Love!!!

And oh the wedding...ok, not so much the wedding - the festivities were all beautiful and very well done, but it was the marriage - the people getting married - who made it so amazing. God's mercies and fingerprints, His providence and kindness and creativity are all over this relationship. He orchestrated events at just the right time to bring these two people together. Watching their story unfold has been thrilling!

So many people watch the bride as she walks down the aisle. I tend to watch the groom. His face says it all. Cousin was beaming. It brought tears to my eyes.

But let's be honest, as awesome as it was, traveling and weddings and hotels and a 5 year old, 2 year old, and 6 month old can be a bit exhausting. Let alone any attempt at maintaining a schedule! T's parents were down the hall from us and Mom stayed in an adjoining room. Oh what a blessing! Sister and Little Man slept with Mom, while T and I hunkered down with Little Bit. I mean really, what a blessing!!!

Let me share the moments preceding the family photo. I'm not entirely sure how all of this happened, but for the first time ever, I donned my "I'm an official mom and have had three kids" attire (read me: spanx) beneath my dress and was making a last minute attempt to nurse Little Bit. While I was attempting this, Mom was trying to dress Sister, who was close to melting down over her tights and shoes (that we TRIED ON and agreed upon AHEAD of time to avoid just such a melt down - she has seam issues.). JJ (my MIL) was dressing Little Man who was being his completely insane self. A bridesmaid came rushing through the door and forced a screaming baby we'd never seen into my Mother's arms and muttered something about the baby making the bride cry and to "just take him." Oh, the look on my Mom's face. And then I looked down and realized I was merely holding the tie to my dress, not the dress itself. The dress was at my knees, and there I was in all my glory for all to see. I glanced at my MIL, who had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. It was like a few minutes of pure insanity. INSANITY I tell you. Sometimes I can laugh at the "adventure" and craziness of it all. Other times, I stress. And nearly lose it.

Btw, I doubt you noticed, (but I did!) - I didn't do a whack job on my bangs. I don't have bangs. That's new growth. Nearly all my hair fell out after having Little Bit. Lovely. Whatever.

Which brings me to just how awesome it is having a big five year old sis help feed baby!

This was my wedding bouquet. It was so beautiful! I love, love, loved it! All whites with a hint of green. I loved my bouquet. But, it's falling apart. So...I took one last picture, and reminded myself I have what is most precious and beautiful about that day (my marriage), and I chunked the bouquet. But first I took all the ribbons off and washed them and put them away just in case one of my girls wants to use them one day...I'm really not sentimental.

Someone has been begging me to teach her how to sew. Like, BEGGING me. So we pulled out the fabric and discussed what to make. Her ideas were a bit lofty. You know, things like dresses and pajamas for Little Man. Stuff like that.

I was more up for some, uh, straight seams. So I pointed her in the direction of new bedding for her doll bed. She got excited.

We did some measuring and cutting...a little pinning...we tried this fabric with that one and so on and so forth until she had exactly what she wanted.

Then came the exciting part!

Using the machine!

I had her do it all...from turning on the machine to checking the stitch function, to lowering the presser foot, to pressing the pedal. She was scared at first, but quickly warmed up. And sped up. - Yikes! It was so much fun.

And so...


*Disclaimer: We didn't do the canopy or pillow.

Recently, we had a GRAND dessert. Oh it was a hit at our house! I made jello pie. Do you know what that means?

I made jello and poured it in a glass pie dish and wha-la! Jello pie! (Even made the husband laugh!)

And our children...oh the glee and delight on their faces!

They each had an entire slice all of their very own.

And oh, sweet Little Bit!!!


  1. The bedding for the bed turned out so cute! I am 30 and still can barely use my sewing machine. I wish I had someone to teach me. I can not even say that my straight lines come out straight! Jello is a great dessert!

  2. OK, you will have to email me! I am losing all of my hair too! What did you do and what can I do-I am getting thin patches up front!

  3. Thanks for making me laugh... the nursing episode is priceless. Beautiful work on the doll bedding!

  4. I laughed out loud about the jello pie, too! That sounds like something I would do :-) Hey, no one said we had to be gourmet!!! And, I love the family pic from the wedding - y'all look beautiful, and it's about time YOU made an appearance on the blog!

  5. Hahaha--that family pic is priceless! And I did not notice your bangs, until you mentioned it. But I can totally sympathize! My regrowth is just now ALMOST long enough to look like real bangs.

    Oh, and welcome to the world of Spanx! Impressed it took you this long!

  6. Love the fam pic...I have so many fly away hairs from my hair regrowing! I also chuncked my wedding bouquet...we attempted to save it by buruying it in borax...big mistake. Came out dried and crumbled. Little bit is just too cute!