Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Backtracking a little more...Christmas Eve found us curled up in front of a toasty fire, built by the husband, and watching lots of movies. Little Man was recovering from a throw up bug. Our crowd was rather slim. Our little fam, T's parents (JJ & Grandpa J), and my mom.

T's brother and the grands were supposed to join us Christmas morning, but Grandma was a bit under the weather, and being that it was Grandma and Grandpa's SIXTIETH Christmas together, Grandpa opted to spend the day with his bride, rather than make the drive, so T's brother came solo.

Our morning began early. We gathered in the den while T read Luke 2. Sister sat on his lap, Little Man curled up on JJ's, and Little Bit slept the morning away...

When we let them in the Living Room, I watched a precious scene unfold.

I would have made a run for my stash, but not Sister.

She was far more concerned with what Little Bit had received.

She even suggested Little Man check it out with her.

Together, they oohed and ahhed over all their baby sister would be sure to LOVE!

Swords were a hit this year.

I believe each child received three. Somehow, they've ALL wound up in Little Man's room. He's rarely without one in hand. In the bathroom. In the bed. Outside. In his closet. You know, there are a LOT of bad guys out there. Yea, he's pretty much ALWAYS got a sword in hand. He's also known to holster them using his pull-up. Classy.

I meant to serve cinnamon rolls for breakfast. However, due to my total attention to details like, say, bread rising times, we ate them for more of an early lunch. That's ok. They were worth the wait.

Sister got a baby doll her first Christmas, so it was only natural that Little Bit get one this year. Several weeks before Christmas, Sister helped pick the baby. Keeping it a secret nearly killed her! She was so excited to finally give Little Bit her gift!

Little Bit loves baby Penelope.

We spent the afternoon making play-doh ice cream, burgers, and fries. Yum.

After serving a scrumptious play-doh meal, Sister sat back in her chair, surveyed her gifts, and commented, "you know mom, we just don't deserve any of this."

That was a precious moment, as we got to talk about the ultimate gift we don't deserve...Jesus Christ.

And now, I leave you with a photo of my Army Man, who's "gonna kill all de bad gu-uys" in his camo, with his Transformers' sword and armor...Sister has grown quite accustom to keeping one arm up - in defense.


  1. Very nice! That is an interesting seat your baby is in. I've have never seen anything like that before.

    Glad you had a blessed Christmas, my Friend!

  2. Oh, what a sweet, special, memorable Christmas! You tree was beautiful, and I love, love how the older two dote on baby -- I hope ours do that!

  3. What sweet Christmas memories! I still have not gotten around to posting Christmas pics! Your Daughters comments about the gifts are sweet. It is also sweet that she was more concerned with what her Sister received! What great kids!

  4. What a joyous celebration y'all shared! I teared up a few times while reading this. The older two looking at what little sis recieved and MW realizing that we don't deserve all we have. Precious!

  5. As always, I enjoyed your pictures ~ just lovely. Your tree was gorgeous! And your home is beautiful. So welcoming and cozy.

    Your story about the happenings is a pleasure to read ~ what a blessing to observe the love of the older children for the younger ~ precious!

    Have a lovely week!

  6. How precious! Emma has those same pajamas as Little Bit. :D And those cinnamon rolls look delish!

  7. Look at the tree! Filled with so many fun things!
    You should do a post of your favorite ornaments your kids have made!
    That tree looks so full of love!
    Sounds like you had a lovely celebration of Christ's birth!!!
    It made me smile so big to hear your daughter be so humble. That is my DREAM for my child! To realize that EVERYTHING we have been given is from God and we deserve nothing!!!
    I know I've said this before, but you are such an awesome, seasoned mommy! True, I don't know you in real life...but, I just get the feeling that we are on the same page with child rearing and what we want for our lives: grateful children who love God and a great marriage to show our kids! Who needs to be rich when you have that, right?!
    By the way, what kid of lens are you using to take these pics? Are you a Nikon or Canon girl???

  8. I love love love the PJs on the baby. Soooo cute! What a great recap of such a wonderful holiday! {Great pics, too!!!!}