Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Our neighbor's yard guys were in full swing this morning.

Gave me a little peace and quiet.

He was...shall I say...ENTHRALLED!?

And that was followed by a little time with the transformers (at least I think that's what they are). "Deese bad guys are fightin'."

And then, I loaded up baby and turned my back to gather a few items...

hee hee!

A certain someone taught her little bro sight words. According to her, he knows them ALL.

Here's how she taught him.

She'd flash a card and say: "Say three."

And usually, he would say whatever she told him to say.

She is convinced she's taught them all to him and that he is a genius and will be attending kindergarten in a few days.

And as long as she tells him what word to say when the card is flashed, he definitely knows them.

But after a long afternoon of school with sister as the teacher, the little man had had ENOUGH.

Sister couldn't understand why.

And was a bit down. (ok, she kind of had a little melt down. I told her to go to the "teacher's lounge" for a break. She insisted that she could not stop because "Mrs. C NEVER stops."

Shortly thereafter, little man washed his hands in the toilet. To his credit, he did use soap.

I however, bypassed the soap and poured straight rubbing alcohol on those tiny hands. He does, after all, suck his thumb. And then I explained exactly what would happen should he play in the potty any more. (Yesterday a pair of undies went in the toilet, in addition to the lucky charms in the sink.)

Did I mention that after all of that, he put big sister's nightgown in the potty? Ugh!

As I was pulling dinner out of the oven (and I hope it looks good in that pic and not gross...it was WONDERFUL!!! PAN LICKING GOOD!!! LITERALLY!!!! Came from Sweet Nest. I made a few changes...added some thyme, roasted at 425ยบ, and chose to add carrots and potatoes...MMMMMmmmm!) Ok, so, as I was pulling dinner out of the oven, MW came running into the kitchen and said, "I announce to you the boy girl!"

They thought they were SOooo funny. All boy (thank goodness!), he grabbed the fly swatter and used it as a weapon (and picked his nose). (Btw, I did laugh, and then told MW, "no more dressing him like a girl.")

Random tip: We're almost finished with that little project...this afternoon I put the last coat on the trim and just lack touching up. However, being in an older home, the bulk of our trim has years worth of paint layers on it and the edges are less than crisp. It can be downright frustrating trying to get a straight edge. Solution? Recently I've discovered the beauty of fooling the eye by taping off an eighth of an inch or so below the actual bottom of the crown/top of the base. It gives a beautiful, clean, crisp line. (If you care about that sort of thing.)


  1. I just wanted to say that MC is beautiful! I can't believe how big she's getting...her hair's long enough for you to pull it back in a clip!

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  3. Sorry, I was the deleted comment. I somehow managed to post it twice, so I deleted the second one. Oh, well. :)

  4. Great idea re: index cards!

    Another great way to expose emergent readers to both sight words and phonics is Er-u-di-tion™.

    This award winning game helps children learn to read, spell and understand the most common words in the English language while playing an entertaining board game.

  5. Fun times...I especially like how your little boy shares with the baby! So wonderful to see that trait...did you notice the look of pleasure on his face? True botherly love!

    Long ago when workers were outside for the watching, my boys would be mesmerized with it all! Come to think of it...they still are! :)


  6. You have to show the "boy girl" pic at his wedding...too funny!!! I love reading about yalls daily adventure makes the work day go by a little faster.
    Love yall!!

  7. Jen, the pictures of your kids inspire me. So, so beautiful.

    PS-Glad the chicken turned out! The pic. looks great.