Friday, November 6, 2009

The Artist & The Cowboy

She's been taking art lessons.
Yesterday she brought home this masterpiece.

I love it. Today I hung it in our breakfast room.

And then there's the wild cowboy...

He snuck out of bed shortly after 6 am.

He scaled the pantry shelves and lassoed himself a brand new bottle of chocolate syrup and broke the seal...

And drank it. Straight. From. The. Bottle.

From the uber talented artist and the wild, wild cowboy:

"Happy Weekend!"


  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning! Your little man is a handful. And, your artist does beautiful work.

  2. That's a man after my own heart! Is MW taking commissions yet? Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Very talented little girl you have there...and what a WONDERFUL little boy!! Can you tell I have a soft spot in my heart for his sort of little people?? Hmmm...what would life be without them???

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Oh...just thought I'd share something else. Boys in multiples come up with some amazing things! Our first two boys...when one was about the age of your little man...decided that the basement fireplace (with all it's Grandpa and Grandma's house, no less) would make a great sandbox! They quietly "played" in "peace" for about 30 minutes. LONG enough to transport ALL the ash to every square inch of that room...WOW!!! What do we have in store when we are Grandparents??? PAYBACK time is coming...I can feel it in my bones! :)

  5. Love the new look, J! Your little artist is a girl after your own heart! And that little man...what are you going to do with him? He needs to go riding on the range so his mama can breathe a bit. :) Love you & happy weekend!

  6. LOVE the new blog layout! I left you an award on my blog. :D