Thursday, October 29, 2009

Leapin' Lizards!!!

Did you guess?

I was leaving a message on the phone when I saw it. I screamed. Poor girl. She hasn't returned my call yet. :)

The Brave MW saved the day. She donned a glove and caught the beast by the tail, promptly tucked him into her "experiment" container, fed him some spit and fresh basil, and then let him go. (I wasn't there when she set "Timmy" free. T says the lizard made it about five feet and then, as fate would have it, a certain dog, who shall remain nameless, brought a swift end to Timmy's life. Thankfully, MW missed this part.)

Eek. I don't do lizards in my living room. Sorry.

We're still reading Despereaux. Dear Reader, I must tell you, it's a wonderful story filled with bravery, honor, and love.

Lately, we've had the children clear the dinner table while T puts MC to bed and I make hot chocolate. Then we crowd back around the table and the children sip quietly (and drink it by the "baby" spoonful) while T and I take turns reading.

It's been a blast.

And has proven to be quite some.

In other news...we survived an avalanche of the most literary sort. We are collectors...of books. We read a lot and struggle to let a single one go. We have two tall book cases double stacked, along with one in our bedroom that is about eight feet tall and four feet wide. And we have a "book closet." It's been our long time stashing place for titles we couldn't squeeze anywhere else.

Needless to say, I also tuck little man's "clothes to grow into" in that closet. While pulling them out, I started a relatively small avalanche. Sweet T offered to re-stack them. While he was working to that end, they all collapsed on him. He stood there a minute, dumbstruck, and then declared it was time to clean 'em out.

It was sad. I pulled a few out of the "giveaway" stack. Ones I just couldn't part with. The walls of that closet are still lined with books, they're just not quite as high.

Something fun came out of it though...we found out about a little bookstore that's in the trading business. She's picky, but I think we got a great return for our first box of books. $54 in credit! So I dropped off a box, but came home with an armload. Is that progress? Not sure.

While I was in that neck of the woods, I browsed the thrift store. I'm always hunting book shelves and chairs. (I mean, let's simplify, right? - hee hee.) Today I scored this lantern. $1.89. Sweet, I'd say.

I also managed to rip apart a fitted bed sheet that dated back to college and put a new backer/reinforcement on this ol' quilt. Nice.

Maybe we'll picnic tonight.


  1. Love the idea of hot chocolate and reading the book! I look forward to those days with Eden. Right now we're just doing board books at bedtime. :)

  2. I'm assuming if y'all are drinking hot chocolate that you aren't barfing your brains out.... glad MW wasn't the recipient of our horrible illness.

  3. I'm so glad we aren't the only ones who deal with book avalanches!

    Lizard in the living room? I would have freaked! My six year old would have had to deal with that one. LOL!

  4. So much fun to visit you here! Lizards are not welcome in my home...but small chance of that anyway, considering where we live! (Unless lizard was purchased at a "pet" store!)

    We are totally bitten with the same book bug it seems! I have THREE tall bookshelves in the schoolroom alone...i don't even want to tell you how many bookshelves we have in total!! Oh...and my schooling resources are mostly in a CLOSET in the bookshelves actually have BOOKS on them! :)

    Oh...I had to laugh at your comment about making progress by getting rid of a box of books and coming home with an arm load! So totally ME!!

    One of our favourite "read-aloud" books is "Little Pilgrim's Progress" by Helen Taylor...your oldest would be ready for it. There is a link on my blog under the Label "books" under the post title "more books" will take you right to where to purchase it from. I totally recommend it for any Christian's fact, we are ALWAYS giving copies of them away.


  5. Hi again J ~

    I just stopped over to let you know that I posted a couple of comments on my blog that you may want to read regarding "Little Pilgrim's Progress"...I'm glad you are thinking of reading it! :)


  6. We had a lizard visit us in our kitchen a year or two ago. Not my favorite kind of houseguest! I opened the kitchen door and eventually he found his own way out.

    Your evening readings sound so cozy. We love to read aloud, too. And, yes, we're needing to do a book clean out as well.

    I'm loving your little blue lantern, it looks gorgeous on the quilt!

  7. Well, at least I returned your call! :)

    I love that y'all sit around the table and read together, that's awesome! I like to read a lot too, but I don't have near as many books!

    I would love to know about that bookstore though--I've definately got a few that could go. I'm also interested in the salvage place. Maybe one day we could go do a little shopping?

  8. That lamp rocks!
    We have lizards that size everyday on ceilings, bedroom walls, and the list goes on. The people here call them "budikees". :) They are perfectly harmless, catch lots of mosquitoes, and Paul sometimes will try to catch one (sometimes catching only the tail instead! poor lizards!)
    By the way, if you're clearing out any Dee Henderson books, I'm ready to buy. :) Probably a long shot, but just thought I'd try.
    Ugh, I love that lamp! I'm a huge fan of silver and that shade of blue. [sigh] I'm not coveting! I'm just...admiring! :) Love ya!

  9. Hi Again J ~ I can't leave this "Little Pilgrim's Progress" thing alone! ;-)

    I was talking to my hubby the other night about my recommendation of this book to you. I asked him to try to remember the reactions of the kids when he read this to them when they were younger.

    The book is faithful to the original classic by Bunyan, so there are some "scary" parts and sad parts as Christian goes along his journey. He faces enemies and the death of a dear friend.

    Having said that, we are VERY in favour of this book being read aloud to children...but you will have to maybe pre-read a chapter at a time to prepare for what your children might be exposed to.

    It is SO beneficial to read...I DO NOT in any way want to discourage you from getting a copy...just trying to remember what it was like to have very little people in our home! :) It has blessed each one of us EVERY time we have read it. Our kids LOVE it and beg for "just one more chapter" to be read and "just one more" really is that good!