Monday, August 10, 2009

Laugh With Me...


4:30 pm MW gets sent to her bed until "Daddy comes home"

4:31 pm Warrior begins crying and pawing at the kennel door

4:45 pm I nurse MC

5:05 pm Little man has a blow out, requiring an immediate bath, as well as toilet seat sanitation (for the fourth time in 48 hours - he has a little bug)...Warrior's still crying

5:20 pm MC is screaming

5:21 pm Little Man "trusts a poot" and wha-la...a tub FULL of diarrhea

5:25 pm tub is drained, little man is told to stand still in the rear of the tub while I, uh-hum, wash out what didn't drain

5:26 pm Little Man disobeys, begins jumping, I tell him to stop, he disobeys and slips and hits his head

5:27 pm Little Man and MC are both screaming and the phone is ringing

finally I get everyone calmed down and baby put to bed...Little Man is running through the house naked and Warrior is STILL crying and pawing at his kennel door

fast forward...


3 am Little Man is crying...I go to investigate...he's had a blow out and his little booty is raw (this happened the night before...about the same time). I carry him to the tub, bathe him, tell him stories about snakes in an effort to distract him from the sting...strip off soiled sheets, sanitize EVERYTHING (I am so thankful for lysol and clorox and dial bath soap!).

3:53 am back in bed

4:20-ish am Little Man's crying again...T settles him this time...he'd had a bad dream?

7:00 am Warrior is crying and pawing at his kennel door...MC wakes to nurse and MW comes down and has had an accident in her bed (she hasn't done this in over a year...what are the odds?)

7:20 am MC is content, MW is bathed, we go to get Warrior out to let him potty and eat...too late. He's pooped in his kennel and eaten most of it...disgusting

7:21 am MC is screaming. I haul the kennel outside and proceed to disassemble it, spray it out, sanitize the stew out of it, and bathe the dog

7:50 am I haul said kennel up to MW's room and run back downstairs to settle MC

8:15 am MC is down, I strip MW's bed and begin the first of at least three loads of soiled laundry...

Happy Monday!


  1. There's no where to go but "up" from how the day has gone so far, so I hope it gets so much better! How have you stayed sane?!???!?!??Love ya! Will say a prayer for ya!

  2. I am cracking up and it sounds eerily similar to the life I live! :) Happy washing.

  3. You're amazing, J! Oh, the things a stay-at-home mom does... I can only hope and pray that the day will get better for you. And if it doesn't, I know you will survive the second half. :) Love you!

  4. To all those people who keep up with our family and think that my wife is some sort of superhuman are absolutely right! Think the powers of Superwoman meet the wisdom, grace, and Godliness of Proverbs 31 and you would be close to what I have in J. Thank you, J for everything you do. Our children will grow old and praise your name all of their days.

  5. Wow!!!! To the story to T's comment, all I can say is Wow!

  6. Me too! (to Magan's comment) sometimes all you can do is laugh!
    Regarding your last post, our Small Group studied Sacred Marriage a few months ago and it was incredible (and incredibly hard). But I guess being made into Christ's image is not a painless process especially while sharing it with someone else going through the same! Leslie

  7. Uncle Matt says to never, NEVER poot with confidence when you have a bug. Trust him, he knows these things.

  8. When it rains, it POURS!!!

    OMG I have NO IDEA how you were able to manage all that, I would have died! And I agree with Magan too, T is so sweet to recognize all that you do!

  9. Oh, J, prayers for strength for you! What a wonderfully FULL life you are leading!

  10. J- You are a women that your husband describes... he is right and you are both blessed by each other! I only wish we lived closer and I could learn a few things from you! You are to be praised for all you do!!!

  11. oh my, what a day. Hope T3 starts feeling better soon Isn't motherhood glamorous? :) Love and miss you