Monday, April 20, 2009

A Tough Few Weeks...


I've been missing this whole blogging thing...we've had so much going on...I was going to do a short little snippet with the "highlight" (aka EMERGENCY) of each day since my last post, but it's just been too long.

The kids have been super entertaining in their "expectant states." Anything the little guy can get under his shirt is a "baby." (Including the insurance adjuster's tape measure...)

So here's the short version (which is, guess what? Kinda long)...we celebrated little man's birthday with...

our precious neighbor



Grandpa J


and JJ
(T and I were there, too.)

The b'day boy ATE UP every second we spent singing to him!
(Don't you love MW's dress? It's "dress up" - and the little guy is still in his pajamas...some days are just like that, huh?

digging in...
(Uncle M, that's the tractor you bought him hours after finding out we'd had a boy!)

And here he is scooping cake with the bucket on the tractor...

Grandma helping the little guy open his gifts (only, he wouldn't put the soccer ball down...)

This shot is from his actual two year birth day...

Ok, back to "catch up:"

...three roof leaks (that I had to handle on my own - lots of towels and water and handling my desk out of the way...) because T is working another outage... insurance co. won't cover the roof damages, but has agreed to cover the interior damages (what is up with that??? it still leaks every time it rains) - can I just say STRESS!!! Do we fork out for a new roof? Do we patch away? Do we switch insurance, I think so. (Without going into a rant, both T and our roofer have replaced shingles that blew off, etc. to temporarily prevent further interior damages...the adjuster said, "to us, that's fixed. You just need to calk a bunch." But as the roofer pointed out, "what he and T have done is not meant to be a permanent fix." It's a "get you through" fix." And as T pointed out, "you shouldn't have to calk a roof. Especially not the portion that is only two years old!!!" (that we paid out of pocket to have re-roofed, that began leaking during the hail/thunder storm that brought on all three leaks) T has officially taken over in dealing with the roofer/agent/adjuster...did I mention we're on year 11 of a 20 year roof? UGH!!! 


And here the children read Peter Spivey's children's book, Rain. How appropriate.

And my car got water in it...twice...thanks to heavy rains and me not realizing the windows were finally smells ok.

Um, and then there were other computer died...had to be sent away....we ordered a used mac with a promise from the guy at Apple that we'd have a seamless transition (this is a backup for work) and well, the transition has been anything BUT seamless...we'll be purchasing new software...someone told me I can legally sell my old photoshop, illustrator, etc. software on ebay...anyone know if that is actually legal? Like - if I deleted it off my computer, and sold it with the registration/serial numbers? As in, not a copy, but the originals?

And then my little sister A got married. She and B kept it small...just the two of them on the beach at sunset. I don't think I'll ever forget reading to my children on our front porch swing and looking at my watch and seeing that it was 6:30 and the sun was setting...and knowing my little sis was standing on the beach beside B, entering into the holy covenant of

And there were other things that tugged at my heart...

oh and I finished seven yearbooks and got them all delivered to the printers. Whew...the kids ran around the house cheering!

I will be SUPER glad when we figure out what we're going to do about our roof leaks...that's been a drain pun intended.

Oh, we moved T3 to a big boy bed...he's given up his afternoon nap. I have no children who nap. We're doing "rest time" and they are required to stay in their rooms (mw can play in the playroom...).

Here he is on his first night in the "big boy bed," receiving instructions from T..."Do NOT get out of this bed." He has obeyed perfectly at bedtime...naptime is another matter entirely...which is why it is now "rest time."

I got put in charge of MW's class Easter if the party was JUST for the children, I wouldn't mind at all. However, I think we all know those table decorations, etc. aren't really just for the children...know what I mean? That's all I'll say about that. So um, anyway, a few moms agreed to help hide eggs...and didn't show. So I got to hide 150 eggs...and at 6+ mos pregnant...well, you can imagine...

Little man got a haircut...and his screams actually brought one neighbor over to "check on us." (Evidently T3 has nerves in his hair...he sees the scissors and places both hands atop his head and starts screaming "OWWW!!! NO!! NO!! OWWWW"...not a pretty thing.)

I hope to post some pics of some of what we've been up to house-wise lately...that swing I'd mentioned...

Little man has built a "boat" out of kitchen chairs and has "docked it" against the sink and is playing in the water. He's soaked. He's already had his bath...we did that this afternoon...I pulled him from the tub and told him to head to his room so we could go ahead and put on pajamas...he stopped in the playroom to MW's ballet shoe. (I really think it was in, he was standing there and the shoe was in the right spot...) Anyway...

Happy night.


  1. It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job keeping that house running and those children well-cared for, despite all the challenges! Good job, J! Be encouraged--we never have more than we can handle. Though it sure does feel that way sometimes, doesn't it? :)

  2. Good gracious J! No wonder you've been coming to mind frequently. Will continue to pray for y'all. Love you!

  3. welcome back, sis. you've been missed

  4. Oh that picture of MW will be priceless at a baby shower for her one day!!!
    I am so sorry about the roof.
    I want to see a picture of you and that precious bundle you are carrying!!