Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

Happy Birthday my precious little warrior!!!

Last night I snuck into your room and touched your soft cheek. I tucked your "Bo Bur" beneath your arm and wrapped your fingers around mine. I thanked God for you and I prayed for you. I prayed that God would protect you and grow you to love Him with all of your heart and soul and mind. I prayed that your sins would find you out. I prayed for your purity. I prayed that God would raise you up to be a Godly man...and that He would give us wisdom as we seek to raise you to fear Him.

You are marvelous. You are precious. You are wonderful. You are such a blessing. I cannot fathom life without you. How carefully and intentionally you have been made. God has great things for you. Already He works through your life in so many ways. 

I love that you want to pray and sing "Amaze Gace" before you go to bed at night, and that you want MW in there praying and singing with us. How precious to hear you say, "I luh you Jesus." 

You should know that your big sister regularly asks God to draw your heart to His.

We love you, little man. You are going to be hard to let go of one day...when the time comes and you are a grown man, I pray God is preparing my heart to send you off with your wings spread, unfettered, to explore, and to live, to be the man that God wants you to be, His man.

May God already be working in your heart to draw you to Himself. May He already be showing you the depths of your depravity and your great need for redemption. May He prod your heart with each rebuke and correction...and may you grow to love Him with everything.

I love you little T man! I am forever thankful for the ways God knit you together. May His fingerprints be forever obvious in your wonderful life! And may you grow to be His warrior! 

Happy Birthday little man!


  1. Happy Birthday to a boy that was prayed for before he was conceived! Everyone wanted you to come so much. I was SO HAPPY when your Mama told me that you were growing inside her. I am so happy to get to watch you grow on this blog. You are going to be a great big brother.
    Love you J! It seems like yesterday when I visited you and this little guy in the hospital. OK tearing up..

  2. J! why do i cry nearly every time i read your blog? it's not like i'm hormonal or anything.

    happy bday, precious nephew. we love you- aunt k and uncle m

  3. Happy Happy Birthday~ What a sweet post.

  4. Such a sweet blog post. Happy birthday to T3!!

  5. What a wonderful post! I got teary reading it.

    Happy Birthday to your little man!

  6. Wow! Guess I need to write one of these for my little Davis who just turned two. You are so great with your writing it brings chills down my spine and tears to my eyes! Happy Birthday T!