Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last week MW's class learned all about the letter G...and she came home sporting these super cool new "glasses"...

The Dawning of a New Era!
The kids sprawled out on the guest bed with the portable dvd player and watched Swiss Family Robinson for about thirty interruptions...we just about didn't know what to do with ourselves!

Keeping it "Real"
I caught the kids playing in the water...and yes, this is our's been like this for over five years. A few years ago, after we saw Dave live, we taped that picture up to encourage us that we don't have to "do it all" right now. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't really even notice it anymore...a lot of it either can't be seen in that picture, or isn't so notice-able such as...the broken light fixture, the wires hanging out of the wall, the broken and duct taped window, the hole in the wall where the broken medicine cabinet used to reside that's now covered with part of a sheet of plywood...the yellow tiles, that randomly transition to blue...the patch job on the sheet rock that is beyond repair in many places...We've decided until we can gut and do what we want to do, it's not so bad. :)

Secret Hide Outs and Playing...

My Christmas Present
I've been wanting to get this set of twelve graphic prints of Italy framed...they were put out by the Italian tourism board...and they are SO COOL! And since we made that trip to Italy (that we still haven't finished blogging about...) they are kind of special to finally, I got them matted and framed and my precious husband spent an ENTIRE day hanging them and getting them PERFECT! (Now if only the framer hadn't punched holes in the backs of the paper that seals the stacking them back to back...and allowing the metal eye hooks to poke through...I'm going to have to take them all down and get him to fix them...) But man oh man...I loved the painting that was in there before...but this I really love! (this is probably my fav. room in the house!)

Before Italy...

After Italy...

MW had a fun V-Day party. She spent hours writing out each child's name on their valentine...the little man always benefits greatly from these parties, as MW and all her friends "dump" what they don't want to eat on T3's stroller tray...this party he came away with lots of candy hearts, several grapes and cheese squares, and two ham sandwiches...he LOVES it! (and so do lunch to fix!)

Valentine's Day Morning MW begged for her "valentines" was so much fun to see how excited she got! The little guy was totally unaware of the "why" - afterall, the candy was the point, right?...they both got new flannel sheets (Target...$10 per set...SCORE!) and made forts out of them for the rest of the day...FUN, FUN, FUN! (And I just got called upstairs by a frantic 4 year old who is convinced that all the brown polka dots on her sheets are bugs...must've been a dream...FABULOUS! I moved her to the guest bed...)

T gave MW and I each flowers! He's so wonderful! (And NOTHING red!!!) He also gave us each a card and even drew a giant flower for MW...which she promptly colored... (she took the pic of her flowers and giraffe).

Goin' to the Chapel
Below you'll see MW and her "huband." She was very particular about how I take this shot...and the lack of a smile was most intentional.

And here is a pic of T and I...MW insisted we get married! She picked out the ring he gave me, as well as my attire. We "exchanged vows" while MW was the photographer...(and then a neighbor came to the door and I answered it without thinking...and yanked my veil off about twenty seconds too late...)

Chop Chop
It was time...mostly because she fought me on fixing it...I cut it in the front yard...and then let her cut the hair I had cut...and she had a BLAST!

(I'll post a better "after" pic later...)

A Career?
During Sparkle Night the older girls let MW carry their cameras around and take pictures (totally made me nervous!)...and she pleaded with me to let her take pics with our camera...finally, I gave in...and she has since taken close to 100 pictures...look out! You never know what she'll shoot...and she has decided she wants to be a photographer! This is so fun! She's learning how to change some of the simple settings...perhaps this summer we'll have a few lessons on shutter speed or aperture...

Happy Night! (or morning! It's 1:40am!)

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  1. Y'all have a fun life going, huh? :) I loved all the pics---your kiddos are just so adorable!

    I think being a photographer is a great idea for MW! I hope she keeps having fun with it.